Family Fun in Costa Rica

2007 proved to be the most challenging year for Manfred and myself so far. Having two kids under two has given us a new found respect for each other. In the toughest of times we always found ways to deal with the kids and not to mention each other ;-) There is much love and happiness in our family amongst the chaos and sleep deprivation as you can see from the photos.

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Testriding my Canyon Torque

After a long silence at our site (due to technical problems with the gallery) let me introduce you to >> my new Canyon Torque 8.0!!!

I had plenty perfect rides at the Gaisberg, the superb bikepark in Wagrain/Austria – and on some of the Gardasee-trails … especially I was happy to go for a testride on the 601 (hey, it was pure fun).

OK, time for some photos …

Back on the internet and in the Java world

Wow. After a month away from radio, tv, internet and other distractions in Costa Rica, we are back at home in cold and wet Victoria.
I had a few thousand blog posts in my google reader to catch up on and a well over a thousand emails, not to mention mundane stuff like washing clothes. All that is under control again. Now I just gotta take care of the photos from the trip and our non-functioning gallery on the site. Anyway. It was fun to listen to a couple of JavaPosse, GoogleDeveloper and lugradio podcast episodes in a row. Some really cool things like the release of NetBeans 6, SoyLatte and JBoss Seam 2.0 happened, while I was offline so there are definitely things to catch up to. Good thing we have a hackday coming up at work this Friday. I also have to embark on organising some more upcoming VIJUG events… it never gets boring for me.


Hucking at Mt. Tzouhalem

11999Man – I’m stoked! Today Manfred and I drove to Duncan/Mt. Tzouhalem for another mountain biking fun. After the ascent we found our first obstacles but then near the top it happend. There is a perfect obstacle with a drop around chest height and thanks to Manfreds Stinky I dared to drop it on the 3rd attempt. After that I was keen to do more drops and we found some more as you can see on the photos and tomorrow I go to Vancouver on the Northshore for another bike and drop session … ride on!


Salzkammergut Trophy

What a weekend! Everything started on friday when Rita, Martin, Harry and I left to go to Bad Goisern to participate in the MountainBike Race with our MUnicycles and to show some trials in 3 shows. For the lazy ones who just want to see some photos I uploaded some photos from Rita, Manfred and myself for the more interested ones …continue and read the whole story

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Lago di Garda – or how to decrease car-riding time …

Originally Pat, Toni and I wanted to ride the trails of Les2Alpes for 4 days but due to a delay we changed our plan and stayed at the Lago di Garda. After a short warm-up at the Monte Brione we were challenged by the endless turns of the Monte Stino and the steep’n’gravel descend of the Sentiro 112 – Dalco … After these 3 tours we opted for a relaxed shuttle day in Meran before we had to head back home …
Of course there a some photos and videostills for you made by Toni and me.


Fun in germany

A public holiday resulted in 4 days in Germany … Babsi, Gina, Carola, Michi, Christian and I enjoyed the awesome bikepark of Bischofsmais with the 4X, Northshores, Freeride and Dualslalom and the always funny wave in Plattling for some kayaking and boogieboarding session ….

And of course there are some photos waiting for you