GMTW ’05 – The German MUnicycle and Trial Weekend in Stuttgart

8282It was time for Moose and me to take part in the 3rd German MUnicycle & Trial Weekend in Stuttgart. The three days were an intense experience of municycling on the trailparcour, in the forest and in downtown Stuttgart.

You can get an impression of the trailparcour on …
Thx again to Rocco and his team for this brilliant convention.


MUnicycling the Sonnleitn in snowy conditions

Friday afternoon was picture-perfect weather so I asked Mum if she could shuttle me up to the Erentrudisalm for a snowride on my MUni. It worked out perfectly. It’s a constant challenge to stay on the path, ‚coz if you leave the path … crash time … but mostly it’s just superfun

On the next day it was perfect weather again. So I asked Babsi if she could make some videos and photos of the riding andhere a some shots of it …
The videofootage will be a part of the upcoming „Tracks“


Wintertrip to Silver Star 2005

We started the snowboarding season with an awesome weekend up on Mount Washington in early January. It was snowing in Victoria and all the way up there. The drive was a nightmare and took about 5 hours, but we got rewarded with lots of fresh powder on that day and more snow overnight leading to a sunny powder day on Sunday. Last week we were  headed for more boarding and fun in the snow together with a great bunch of friends from last years trip to Sun Peaks. This year we were going to check out Silver Star. Read on to find out more and don’t forget to check out some of the photos.

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Costa Rica – a natural wonderland

5189Winter arrived in Salzburg – so Babsi & I were in search for some warm sunshine. This time our destination was Costa Rica – due to the rivers and the amazing wildlife. During our 4 weeks we fell in love with that beautiful country and its people, the Ticos, who were just super friendly. Read on for some of our highlights:

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Batidos de Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a really beautiful country and beside the friendly people and the amazing nature we also fell in love with the Batidos – Costa Ricas shakes.

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updated: I added 4 new photos from the friday session …

Yesterday was another boogieday – and Hiasi (from Soulboater) made some photos of me.
… and I can tell you – I wasn’t flushed after the tricks you can see by a simple click here …


Testing the EOS 300D …

Armin borrowed me his SLR camera – the Canon EOS 300D and of course Babsi and I tested it a little bit.

OK – the camera is really cool to handle and adjustable to every situtation (I really like the aperature and the timed mode) but it has one disadvantage: it’s to slow for sporty shots … we only got 3 shots from the big hop … just one in the air …
Ok, more at the photos …


Tere, Tallinn – Estland/Eesti

Thanks to Miles&More Babsi and I thought about an autuum trip – Ireland, Spain and the Baltics where the favourite canditates. Finally we settled on Tallinn – the capital of Estland. During our time there we explored Tallinn with its amazing medival buildings, the Kohvik (Cafes) and the modern town. The city itself was also an amazing municycle terrain.

Addionally we drove to the Lahemaa Nationalpark. Beautiful mushroom woods, bogs and the sea – everything the nature lover needs for a perfect day. Except the signs of lynx, bears and moose and the tree, which made us a little bit nervous. Ok – enough – I hope you want to see the pictures.



MUni & MTB Weekend

On Saturday the MUnicycle article from Manu was printed in the Salzburger Nachrichten featuring some statements from me and a photos of Moose and one of me – the article is of course online for you :)
New: Manu’s article was again printed in the Berchtesgadener Anzeiger

After reading the article it was time to switch to two wheels – Mountainbiking in the Bikeworld Leogang was our aim on sunday. Sadly I crashed on the 2nd run and got a bruise on the shoulder (Prellung der Schulter) – so I made some photos from Anschi and Pat at the Northshore structures …


1st Gaisberg MUni Descent

Thurday was the day our new 24′ MUni arrived – Friday was assembly day and a first testride. We had to get used to our new toys that Roland from made for us. The cool features are the KrisHolm frame, hub/crank set and saddle – a Magura HS 33 break and the Wildlife Leopard 24×3.0 tire …

Saturday was the first real thing for the MUni – Mum, Rita and Martin shuttled us to the top of the Gaisberg and from there on it was a rough terrain ride for 800m altitude.The route: Gaisberg Spitz – Alte Trasse (via the Canyon) – Zistelalm – Rauchenbichl – Mittereggwanderweg – Rodelbahn – Glasenbach Kreisverkehr – and we made some photos for you ….


Nordpark Singletrail

What a week: after a few days in St.Anton/Arlberg (paddling the Rosanna & biking to the Putzenalm) at the Filmfest, Babsi and I moved on to the Engadin, where we paddled the Giarsun and rode our bikes to the Alpe Clunaz and in the Ardez area.

Finally we arrived in Innsbruck, where we descended the Nordpark Singletrail. The steepest biketrails I ever saw – no way for me to ride them, only to crash them down … so after the ride it was time for the spa in Seefeld to relax my destroyed body ….


MUnicycling in Osttirol

Osttirol – the place where Babsi and I were looking for some adventures … a little bit of mountainbiking and paddling where combined with Babsi’s first experience in Mountain Unicycling …


Fire Fire !!!

Yes – Babsi and I are fire.addicted … yesterday we lighted my firestick and made some photos and videos (for an upcoming