Who am I? Good question. I have been doing many different things all my life.
The one thing that has always been there is probably a yearning to learn more,
to find out why and how and what’s this all about? This is still true today.

I view my life as a real-time adventure and my activities are many:

  • Spending time with my wife Yen and my sons Lukas, Nikolas and Tobias – fooling around, going to the pool, gymnastics, hiking…
  • Fiddling around with computers – Linux, Java, Android, Free Software and Open Source are a passion – check my company web site – simpligility technologies inc
  • Organizing the Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG I founded many moons ago and still run..
  • Reading books, magazines, blogs and comics – the more the better
  • Mountain biking with my Stinky in Hartland and just around home
  • Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Camping, Snowboarding – everything outdoors all year round
  • Cooking – with my lovely wife, international cuisine in every way
  • Kayaking – nowadays in the surf with my Tekno or our double seakayak Sparkle
    on the rivers and coastal waters of British Columbia
  • Boogie boarding and surfing – when I am not in the water with a boat
  • Traveling from weekend trips to around the world – Never stay put in a place too long!
  • and many more…

My only problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day.

More from or about me on lots of sites with the mosabua username as well as on
mosabua on twitter, linkedin, and facebook or check out my my company web site – simpligility technologies inc

Enjoy our site!