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Nearly a year using Twitter – this was 2008

So I found out that Twitter will not keep all my posts forever so I activated the weekly recapture feature on our new wordpress site that will produce a blogpost here each week allowing me to look back later and giving me at least some control over my posts in terms of backing up and stuff. With regards to the old posts I just went and grabbed everything there is with the earliest post from the 7th of August 2008. Not sure if I did any tweeting before that.. so without any more rambling.. Keep Reading

Time to say Good-bye

After a really really long time (8-9 years) of a PostNuke powered it’s time for us to say „Goodbye PostNuke – Hello WordPress“.

We had a lot of fun with our system and we are also looking forward to our new wordpress based site. It’s already running and we will do the switch in the next days.

So if you subscribed to our RSS feed – please come back in a few days and make a resubscription to

A big thanks again for the PostNuke team for the last years and we wish you the best with your new system Zikula

Manfred & Werner

Feisty drinking a cup of coffee

So far so good. Feisty certainly rocks in many aspects as you see from my previous posts, but here comes a biggie. Feisty is probably the best system to get going with Java development out of the box. And here is why and a few gotchas.

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Tweaking a Feisty Fawn

After lots of pain with data recovery and associated fun due to my master harddisk totally dying on me, I am back up with a brand new install of Feisty. My old install of Dapper with all the working setup is toast. I was able to copy some files off the partition, but thats about it. In that sense I am missing part of the reference I was going to use for setting up Feisty and I currently don’t have a system that does all I want. So there is a lot to do and here is what I have done so far in terms of tweaking.

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Gallery all up and well again

Just a short notice. We had some problems with our gallery system and have therefore been a bit quiet with new galleries. We have resolved these issues now and will be checking in more pictures shortly.

Stay tuned.

Manfred & Werner

Preparing Knoppix/Debian Linux for Non-Linear Video Editing

Wow.. so you have got your camcorder ready and want to take up the challenge of authoring your videos with Linux. I made the same choice and want to show you how to get your system ready to capture those video via your
IEEE1394(Firewire) card. All following instructions are valid for Debian GNU/Linux as installed from Knoppix and detail how I got things to work. I used all sorts of sources in the internet as well as a little help from fellow members of the <a
href=““ target=“_blank“>Victoria Linux User Group.

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PHProjekt Public Calendar System v20030724 released

It has been in use in production for more than a year now and I finally found the time to properly package
the PHProjekt Public Calendar System for others to enjoy. PHProjekt is a mature, powerful web based groupware solution facilitating a PHP environment. It has an
active development and user community. The whole groupware requires access via login for any users. Within the calendar component of the groupware public events can be created. And this is where the PPCS comes in handy…

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Postnuke Mosabuam Theme 20030319 released

Finally our new theme is live on the site and available for download. Since I was unhappy with the internals of the theme I completely
rebuilt the theme from scratch with the same layout and enhanced functionality
in mind. I ended up with a theme based upon the core PostNuke theme and many,
many enhancements…

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