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Nach einer Nebelsuppensilvesternacht gab’s am 1.1.2014 wunderschöne Eiskristalle. Bei einer kleine Fotosafari entdeckte ich dann auch gleich ein paar nette Funde … Keep Reading

Grillerei beim Plötz Wasserfall

Endlich war es mal soweit und wir haben den Weg zur Plötz bei Ebenau geschafft! Vier Mühlen, ein schöner Wasserfall und eine supernette Grillerei waren unsere Zutaten für einen gemütlichen Familienausflug. Kann ich nur zur Nachahmung empfehlen.

Three Under Four

Summer of 2009 forced me to write this blog post. There never was or will be a job busier than being a full-time mum of three boys under four years. Yes,  it is crazy to think that someone with a physics degree like me would ever embark on such an experiment, when even a Monte Carlo simulation could not predict the behaviour of my boys from day to day.
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Endlich wieder Soca

Unser letzter Urlaubstrip führte uns mal wieder an unsere geliebte Soca. Schon die Hinfahrt war Dank dem spannendem (und gratis) Hörspiel Lomoco ein Genuß und dann gabs das volle Soca Programm:

  • Paddeln auf Soca und Koritnica
  • relaxtes Campen am Camp Toni in Bovec mit Riki, Maxl & Bernhard und vielen neuen Freunden
  • herausforderndes Biken mit meinen neuen 5.10 Bikeschuhen im Bikepark Kanin und auf dem Kluze Trail (Dank nochmal an den m&m bikeshop – Salzburgs besten Bikeshop)
  • super Essen – ich sag nur CampingWok für Curries und Co und die slowenischen Restaurants für Steinpilzpizza und mehr …
  • coole Einradtour vom Camp Toni nach Cezsoca und retour über die 2 Hängebrücken
  • wunderschöne Natur am Slap Boka Wasserfall und der Soca Quelle

… und natürlich super viel Zeit für Nino, Babsi und mich

Leider waren die 9 Tage viel zu schnell vorbei aber … „Wir kommen wieder – keine Frage!“

Waiting time …

Perfect weather – a knee kaputt-I-cus and our annual pass for the Zoo resulted in a photosafari on saturday and a family trip on sunday to the animals of Hellbrunn

Btw, if you are living near Salzburg – think about the annual pass. After 3 visits you are already even (I’m already in the plus state – saturday/sunday were my 3rd and 4th visit in 2009)


Family Fun in Costa Rica

2007 proved to be the most challenging year for Manfred and myself so far. Having two kids under two has given us a new found respect for each other. In the toughest of times we always found ways to deal with the kids and not to mention each other ;-) There is much love and happiness in our family amongst the chaos and sleep deprivation as you can see from the photos.

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Autum in the Zoo

After a long time Babsi and I visited the Zoo of Hellbrunn again. I really like the zoo and the beautiful animals there. Especially the Firefox and the Alpakas were amazing. Just take a look on your own …

Impressions from Down Under

After moving to Canada over two years ago and Lukas‘ birth in September it was time for us to go back to Melbourne for a visit. We headed down south east and after a long travel Yen and Manfred were back in the big city. And Lukas was in Australia for his first time although not even 3 months old. We enjoyed visiting friends and family and touring up north to the New South Wales coast and New England. Check out some of our photos to find out more.

Resident racoons and other neighbours

We always thought we have some racoons in our neighbourhood. And now with the leaves off the trees I have finally caught them on camera in our backyard. Speaking of backyard.. I also wanted to share a photo of a young seal I took in September at the Oak Bay marina. Check it out in the gallery

Animals & the 350d

Well, well – after a long time of thinking I finally bought a Canon 350d SLR camera. Kind of a selfpresi to my – oh, hold on – 32th birthday … but somehow I don’t feel any older or wiser or more respectable….

Anyway – I visited the Zoo of Hellbrunn and made some photos there with the new toy.

Mushroom Experience

5915At the beginning of November we went for a stroll in the woods.With the organisers from Rainforest Expeditions and a group of people we went for a bush bashing session in the forest around Cowichan. We had a great time snooping around in the ferns, under logs and around the next tree. As you can see in the gallery we found lots of beautiful mushrooms. And with a bit of luck we even found the very delicious Chantrelle mushrooms. We certainly enjoyed them for dinner in
the evening ;-)

New Gallery: Canada’s wild animals.

We have been here in Victoria for a bit more than two months now and we have seen many animals here we never saw before. Check out some of them in the new gallery, stay tuned for more additions and read on to find out what we already saw, but couldn’t get a photo yet…

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