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Mailinglists down

Our hosting provider is currently having trouble with their setup. I am trying to chase them as hard as I can. Unfortunately the mailing lists are currently off line and will stay so for a bit.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I will keep you updated when the lists go back up.


Vancouver Island Paddling [VI-Paddling] Mailing List now online!

Finally we are live. The Vancouver Island Paddling mailing list is on the internet. Everybody interested in discussing white water paddling related issues with fellow paddlers is welcome to join the list. We aim to be a forum for everybody interested in getting his paddle wet, be it in a canoe or kayak, in the surf or down a waterfall. Do you wanna sell some stuff and reach paddlers on the island? Or do you wanna hook up with some locals? Or you needed the latest news from the rivers out there? Read on and join us now!!!

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