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Android artifacts to be published to Maven central repository?

So I have been dabbling with Android development for a bit and have been using Apache Maven for years. I recently started to provide some patches for the maven-android-plugin and came across the issue that the android.jar is not in maven central.. So something needed to be done.

I contacted Jason van Zyl and then Bob Lee on twitter and got support from both of them. Now I created an issue on google code for the request and I am in the process of publishing the request out to the world. I will track the progress with the comments to this post and potentially further posts. I really hope that this will happen with the push from the community just like it did with spring, jboss and google projects. I hope you will all help and retweet, star the issue or leave a supporting comment there. Lets see if we can get this happening.

Company Super POM – A Maven Practice

Soon after the initial install of Maven you will hopefully like it and use it on a bunch of projects. You will notice that there are a bunch of things in the POM that are the same from project to project. Normally that is where the concept of a company or organisation POM appears. On the other hand internally Maven always uses the Super POM as well. Once multiple projects are involved things quickly get confusing, so lets look at this a bit closer and then get to my hybrid approach of a Company Super POM.
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Installing Apache Maven – Luxury Edition

As you might or might not know I have been using Apache Maven for quite a few years now and I have come to do all my development projects the maven way although I am probably not a full Maven maven. I am setting up a new development machine at home after being forced to look for a new job so I might as well write down what I do, since it is probably a bit different from the normal install.

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Nearly a year using Twitter – this was 2008

So I found out that Twitter will not keep all my posts forever so I activated the weekly recapture feature on our new wordpress site that will produce a blogpost here each week allowing me to look back later and giving me at least some control over my posts in terms of backing up and stuff. With regards to the old posts I just went and grabbed everything there is with the earliest post from the 7th of August 2008. Not sure if I did any tweeting before that.. so without any more rambling.. Keep Reading