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glowing RED – an afterwork unicycle homeride

Nachdem ich meine neue Vaude Bikehose in glowingRED bekommen habe war ich ganz motiviert mal wieder das Einrad auszupacken.

Mit meinem 24er KrisHolm gings dann los von Itzling  über den Mönchsberg bis zur KiKi. Viele viele lustige Hindernisse und ein paar Trails erwarteten mich und nach 3h waren ich dann echt müde … und der GoPro Akku war leer …

Hier jetzt das kurze Video davon bzw hier auf Vimeo:

Musik ist übrigens Higher von TheBandRoads.

Regen & Regen … drum auf zum Gras-Skimboarden

Es regnet und regnet ohne Ende … aber mit unserem neuestem Spielzeug – dem Skimboard – machen die Wasserlatschen in den Wiesen gleich megamässig Spaß. Das Video zeigt die Surferlebnisse der ersten Skimboard-Stunde meines Lebens. Mehr in den nächsten Tagen bzw im Sommer dann am Meer.

Audio: Ghost von TheBandRoads

Tretradaction von Nino

Nino hat heuer im März den Umstieg vom Laufrad aufs Tretrad gemacht und natürlich legt er gleich mit Geländefahrten und Tricks los.

Gefilmt ist das Video übrigens mit meiner neuen GoPro Hero 3 | Black und die Musik kommt von Shearer

Tracks – The MUnicycle Video

TracksAfter one year of filming and editing I’m proud to present my second Municycle video called Tracks. It features unitrials and mountain unicycling from the last year… Hope you enjoy it and I’m always happy hear what you liked and what not – just mail me or write a comment on the site.

Ok, here is the video. Running time is 15min therefore it’s a little bit bigger … Download the wmv file (60MB) (Best: Right mousebutton „Save Link As…“.

Wow – mittlerweile gibts schon einige Anmerkungen zum Video: Dt. Forum | Eng. Forum | Downhill Board | Monociclos [Spain]

Zappler – the sport video with a comic touch

ZapplerI’m proud to present my new video „Zappler“- I tried to archive the effect of a „comic-video“ with sporty content. Hope you like it! – Now just watch Riki, Moose, Babsi and me zappeling around … wmv file (6mb)

Some background infos: The fonts are Enchilada and Badaboom from Dafont (Comic section), the music is from Crazy Q and the video is done with AfterEffects. For the black’n’white look I used the Threshold filter (in combination with Levesl and Curves) and the rest is simple aftereffecting …

Cameraplays with the Muni

Uni on the wallAfter three month of unicycling we started to think about a video – you can see our first tries with cameraangles, the Munis itself, stairs and so on for the upcoming video (which will be called Tracks – released to be … hhhmmmm … rather soon …

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Preparing Knoppix/Debian Linux for Non-Linear Video Editing

Wow.. so you have got your camcorder ready and want to take up the challenge of authoring your videos with Linux. I made the same choice and want to show you how to get your system ready to capture those video via your
IEEE1394(Firewire) card. All following instructions are valid for Debian GNU/Linux as installed from Knoppix and detail how I got things to work. I used all sorts of sources in the internet as well as a little help from fellow members of the <a
href=““ target=“_blank“>Victoria Linux User Group.

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CUBlunt Winter is over – the local wave is gone. But the new video CUBlunt is ready.

It’s again produced by werner, the sound is GutenTag(Reklamation) by WirSindHelden and I hope you like the video and add a comment

And now it’s time to watch the DivX video – 12mb; 3:41min or the quicktime video – 14mb; 3:41min

Ah, the paddlers are (in order of appearance): Thomas (Booster60), Babsi (Supersonic), Julia (Kingpin, Witch), Manfred (Disco, Air55), Werner (Tekno, Air55, CUFly), Kristin (GForce), Michi (Sub7), Hannes (Air55), RastaHias (FX)

My new camcorder – Sharp VL-AX1E

Sharp VL-AX1E

After a long time without a digital video camera accessible to myself, I have finally got my own camcorder. It took me quite a while to research the market and make a decision on what to buy. In the end I got a Sharp VL-AX1. The motivations for buying this camcorder range widely and I have a few plans already on what to do with the camera as well…
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