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Three Under Four

Summer of 2009 forced me to write this blog post. There never was or will be a job busier than being a full-time mum of three boys under four years. Yes,  it is crazy to think that someone with a physics degree like me would ever embark on such an experiment, when even a Monte Carlo simulation could not predict the behaviour of my boys from day to day.
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A quick visit to the Big Apple

Unbelievably it is already over a month ago that we got back home to Victoria from our weeklong visit to New York City. Our three boys dragged mummy and daddy to Auntie Huong’s and Uncle Jeremy’s wedding and insisted on visiting the zoo. Even though it was an extremely stressy trip we managed to have a good time and do some fun things. Just check out the photos from our trip through the maze that is the NY subways system all the way from Brooklyn to the Bronx Zoo and back, our adventures at the zoo and central park and of course also some photos from the wedding of Jeremy and Huong ;-)