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Origami workshop by Paul Jackson

3483 After seeing the Origami exhibition I was glad to take part in Paul Jackson’s workshop Origami for artists and designers. Everthing started with feeling the paper (the grease…) and then we moved on to one fold and how to fix it. Crumbling was one of the next topics which is a really uncommon origami way for me (but cool), then we did some mountain and valley folding (the small image on the right) and lastly we did two modular orgami pieces. Of course you can see some of the stuff I did during the workshop.

If you want to explore some other stuff, take a look at Paul’s website in general and especially this subpage
and the subpage containing some work by his students – great crumbling stuff …

Origami exhibition in the Hangar-7

3451After my return from the exhausting MUni convention, Babsi and I set off the explore the Origami exhibition at the Hangar-7. Of course I had the camera along to show you some of the masterpieces.

One final remark: don’t miss it – you have to see this beautiful exhibition! It’s open until the 30th of September 2005 and it’s free.