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Three Under Four

Summer of 2009 forced me to write this blog post. There never was or will be a job busier than being a full-time mum of three boys under four years. Yes,  it is crazy to think that someone with a physics degree like me would ever embark on such an experiment, when even a Monte Carlo simulation could not predict the behaviour of my boys from day to day.
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Awesome Foursome in 2008

So somehow we managed not to put any photos on the site over the whole year of 2008 and it is now already February 2009. We certainly have not been lazy however and done a whole lot. Since we are also going to be five in our little family here in Canada very soon, we are putting a whole bunch of photos up to show you a bit what we have been up to.


Canadian pacific paddling

Canada is a beautiful outdoor playground and this time we were really into seakayaking. We stayed for six days at the Broken Group islands with all the luggage (camping, water and food) in our two boats … and because we didn’t get enough we went for another 2 day paddle to Sidney Spit. Ok – photo time !!!

Hucking at Mt. Tzouhalem

11999Man – I’m stoked! Today Manfred and I drove to Duncan/Mt. Tzouhalem for another mountain biking fun. After the ascent we found our first obstacles but then near the top it happend. There is a perfect obstacle with a drop around chest height and thanks to Manfreds Stinky I dared to drop it on the 3rd attempt. After that I was keen to do more drops and we found some more as you can see on the photos and tomorrow I go to Vancouver on the Northshore for another bike and drop session … ride on!

Time to play for three little Mosabuam

Wow – it feels good to play with Lukas, my little nephew or to go biking with my big brother Manfred. Not to forget the time I spend with Nikolas or Yen. Allright, no more words just some photos from the poolsession and from mountainbiking

Winter biking at the Zoo

The Zoo is what some local bikers call the great network of trails at Mt. Tzouhalem near Duncan on Vancouver Island. After Xmas this year I was lucky enough to get up there for a days ride in awesome, if cold, weather. I just had to try my new Five Ten Impact Mid freeride shoes ;-) – truely sweet shoes by the way.

With the help of my knowledge from previous rides and the maps from the Fat Bastards and Heavy J I was able to find my way around without problems (mostly) and had a blast for a few hours. Check out the photos for more impressions from my ride and be sure that I will be back! I might even take Werner along ;-)

Mountain Biking – My Wishes From Saanich, CRD and other local powers for 2007

Okay, so I won’t fuzz around and come right to it. Living in beautiful Victoria as the capital city of British Columbia I continue to be saddened by the lacking acceptance of mountain biking and the conditions local bikers have to put up with. And with the latest issue of MudNews, the newsletter of the South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS), I had to find out that the CRD is thinking of making things worse!

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Lots of snow in Big White

It is already nearly two weeks ago that we got back from our winter trip. This year we went to Big White in the interior of BC and since it was three of us the first time we had to drive up ourselves. Not a problem though. 4WD and new tires… ready to roll. Check out some of the photos we took or read on for more impressions.

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Resident racoons and other neighbours

We always thought we have some racoons in our neighbourhood. And now with the leaves off the trees I have finally caught them on camera in our backyard. Speaking of backyard.. I also wanted to share a photo of a young seal I took in September at the Oak Bay marina. Check it out in the gallery

A different kind of Poker

Last Sunday I participated in a very different new kind of poker game for me. In the picture you see the poker hands all the teams got. I sure had a lot more fun that I could have at a real poker game. Teams? Poker hands? Fun? Find out more about the SIMBS Hartland Poker Mountainbike Race and read on…

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Wintertrip to Silver Star 2005

We started the snowboarding season with an awesome weekend up on Mount Washington in early January. It was snowing in Victoria and all the way up there. The drive was a nightmare and took about 5 hours, but we got rewarded with lots of fresh powder on that day and more snow overnight leading to a sunny powder day on Sunday. Last week we were  headed for more boarding and fun in the snow together with a great bunch of friends from last years trip to Sun Peaks. This year we were going to check out Silver Star. Read on to find out more and don’t forget to check out some of the photos.

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