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Lots of snow in Big White

It is already nearly two weeks ago that we got back from our winter trip. This year we went to Big White in the interior of BC and since it was three of us the first time we had to drive up ourselves. Not a problem though. 4WD and new tires… ready to roll. Check out some of the photos we took or read on for more impressions.

Lukas was a good boy on the trip again and considerably contributed to our luggage. Bed, exersaucer, rucksack, chair and so on. Up there we had a very varied weather including awesome sunny days, foggy times and snowfall. It was great.

I got to explore another ski resort and lots of off piste forest runs. I pretty much did all the black diamond and double black diamond runs including Black Bear, Playgorund, Grizzly, The Cliff, Parachute Bowl and lots more. I spent more time off those runs in the forest and among the cliffs though. One afternoon Yen also came along boarding and proofed that she hasn’t forgotten how to board either.

On two days we had a ball snowshoeing with Lukas exploring the forest and huffing and puffing around. Just kidding. It wasn’t bad at all. It was grea! Now go and check out the photos and our remarks there.