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Company Super POM – A Maven Practice

Soon after the initial install of Maven you will hopefully like it and use it on a bunch of projects. You will notice that there are a bunch of things in the POM that are the same from project to project. Normally that is where the concept of a company or organisation POM appears. On the other hand internally Maven always uses the Super POM as well. Once multiple projects are involved things quickly get confusing, so lets look at this a bit closer and then get to my hybrid approach of a Company Super POM.
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Installing Apache Maven – Luxury Edition

As you might or might not know I have been using Apache Maven for quite a few years now and I have come to do all my development projects the maven way although I am probably not a full Maven maven. I am setting up a new development machine at home after being forced to look for a new job so I might as well write down what I do, since it is probably a bit different from the normal install.

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A quick visit to the Big Apple

Unbelievably it is already over a month ago that we got back home to Victoria from our weeklong visit to New York City. Our three boys dragged mummy and daddy to Auntie Huong’s and Uncle Jeremy’s wedding and insisted on visiting the zoo. Even though it was an extremely stressy trip we managed to have a good time and do some fun things. Just check out the photos from our trip through the maze that is the NY subways system all the way from Brooklyn to the Bronx Zoo and back, our adventures at the zoo and central park and of course also some photos from the wedding of Jeremy and Huong ;-)

Nearly a year using Twitter – this was 2008

So I found out that Twitter will not keep all my posts forever so I activated the weekly recapture feature on our new wordpress site that will produce a blogpost here each week allowing me to look back later and giving me at least some control over my posts in terms of backing up and stuff. With regards to the old posts I just went and grabbed everything there is with the earliest post from the 7th of August 2008. Not sure if I did any tweeting before that.. so without any more rambling.. Keep Reading

Tobias aka Lightning

After two weeks of teasing his mum “I am coming now, no I am not” Tobias finally decided to make an appearance – Here I am! And what an appearance it was.
Just seven minutes after arriving at the maternity ward, Tobias greeted his shocked and surprised parents with a loud cry. Manfred and I looked at each other as I held Tobias in my arms for the first time with the expression of “Did we just have a baby?!”.
Everything we learned about signs of labour and the stages of birth went out the window with our little lightning. But I, for one, am very thankful for the quick birth and even more thankful that we made it to the hospital just as his head was crowning.
Manfred and I are the happiest parents in the world to be blessed with three beautiful and healthy boys. Our family feels totally complete and blissful now and we look forward to all the adventures life has installed for the five of us.
Oh and of course we got a bunch of photos of Tobias first few days for you all to enjoy as well…

Awesome Foursome in 2008

So somehow we managed not to put any photos on the site over the whole year of 2008 and it is now already February 2009. We certainly have not been lazy however and done a whole lot. Since we are also going to be five in our little family here in Canada very soon, we are putting a whole bunch of photos up to show you a bit what we have been up to.


Family Fun in Costa Rica

2007 proved to be the most challenging year for Manfred and myself so far. Having two kids under two has given us a new found respect for each other. In the toughest of times we always found ways to deal with the kids and not to mention each other ;-) There is much love and happiness in our family amongst the chaos and sleep deprivation as you can see from the photos.

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Back on the internet and in the Java world

Wow. After a month away from radio, tv, internet and other distractions in Costa Rica, we are back at home in cold and wet Victoria.
I had a few thousand blog posts in my google reader to catch up on and a well over a thousand emails, not to mention mundane stuff like washing clothes. All that is under control again. Now I just gotta take care of the photos from the trip and our non-functioning gallery on the site. Anyway. It was fun to listen to a couple of JavaPosse, GoogleDeveloper and lugradio podcast episodes in a row. Some really cool things like the release of NetBeans 6, SoyLatte and JBoss Seam 2.0 happened, while I was offline so there are definitely things to catch up to. Good thing we have a hackday coming up at work this Friday. I also have to embark on organising some more upcoming VIJUG events… it never gets boring for me.

Java One: First Recapture

So here I am at an airport yet again. This time in San Francisco waiting for my flight home. The Friday afternoon Java One sessions are still going on, but when leaving at lunch time you could already see that it is getting less busy.

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