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Monobicicletta Sardegna

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I thought that a little bit of sun and sea is a good idea before winter starts. Therefore my municycle, my sleepingback and I hoped onto a plane and flew to Sardinia.

There I covered the distance from Cala Gonole to Santa Maria Navaresse (ca 45km) on the unicycle and on foot. The first day was tough riding and lots of hiking. The second day was 700m attitude uphill on concrete and the third day was an awesome offrode ride from Baunei to Santa Maria. After the riding I relaxed for 1,5 day on the beach with 30°, sunshine and the emerald sea (with 22°) and after that I had to return to Olbia and later to white Salzburg …

If you are interested in this beautiful island – just enjoy the photos.


Wer ich bin? Na Werner eben und wer mich kennt der kennt mich. Sonst schaut euch einfach am Blog um und ihr werdet sehen was mich so interessiert....