Are you kidding – Java One is all happening for me

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Wow. It has been quite a while and a wild run, since I posted about ten or so reasons why I would love to go to Java One this year. The anticipation in the community has been heating up more and more since then and I sure was not sitting idle either.

I took a big risk to make it happen and now I am sitting here on the Seattle airport waiting for my connection flight to San Franciso. Java One I am coming. Against all odds I could get my employer to partly sponsor my trip. Even better though. Thanks to my work as JUG leader and blogger of sorts in the last years (I guess) I received a Java One pass from Sun.

But all that really pales to the contribution from my wife. We just had our second son Nikolas a mere two weeks ago and the new little fellow sure wants some attention. Not to mention that our first son Lukas has become even more attached to me, now that mummy has a bit less time. Yen is going to look after both of them together with her mum until Friday evening when I get back home to my family. I sure hope this is going to be fine. It is definitely not going to be a walk in the park. Explaining to Lukas that I will be gone for a few days was very hard too. Next Sunday will be a very well earned mothers day celebration for sure.

So now that I am on the way I have quite a huge adventure in front of me. And it is going to start just right as well. After my arrival in San Franciso later today I will walk over to the Moscone Center to hook up with some JUG leaders there and we will go for dinner tonight. Hopefully I will hear lots of stories about the Community One event. Looks like it would have been interesting. Nevertheless – the real action starts tomorrow. Anyway I really look forward to put faces to all the email on the JUG leaders list and geek out big time.

Oh .. yeah. I am also looking forward to cold beer ;-)