4 Jahreszeiten – 4 Seasons

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Finally my new video is ready!!



by Werner Moser | 2009 | werner AT mosabuam.com

Shot with MiniDV, HDV and the HF10 cameras in PAL and 1080p

Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects & Firefox for the music search …


A big thanks to all the musician for their awesome tracks and for releasing them under the CreativeCommons licence or for making them especially for the video.

The Texts (for the non-german speaking world …)

Intro: Salzburg – the city of Mozart – the city of pompous archbishops – and the so called highculture. But also the city of a group of big kids who love their city and the surrounding. Let’s follow these friends during the 4 seasons.

Spring: the snow melts away and the rivers rise – Spring

Summer: the clothes of girls get  short and the grins of the boys broader – Summer

Autumn: the first leaves fall to the ground and the color boost begins – autumn

Winter: the first snowflakes fall and the search for untouched terrain begins – winter

4Jahreszeiten is released under the Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike


Wer ich bin? Na Werner eben und wer mich kennt der kennt mich. Sonst schaut euch einfach am Blog um und ihr werdet sehen was mich so interessiert....