Android artifacts to be published to Maven central repository?

So I have been dabbling with Android development for a bit and have been using Apache Maven for years. I recently started to provide some patches for the maven-android-plugin and came across the issue that the android.jar is not in maven central.. So something needed to be done.

I contacted Jason van Zyl and then Bob Lee on twitter and got support from both of them. Now I created an issue on google code for the request and I am in the process of publishing the request out to the world. I will track the progress with the comments to this post and potentially further posts. I really hope that this will happen with the push from the community just like it did with spring, jboss and google projects. I hope you will all help and retweet, star the issue or leave a supporting comment there. Lets see if we can get this happening.


  • Hugo Josefson


    Good stuff. Let’s all star that issue! Apparently that’s how they count popularity.

    Retweeting this is good too:

  • Manfred Moser


    I have now posted a request for help on the Android group on LinkedIn, the Android Develeloper group on LinkedIn, the android discuss list on google groups and the Maven User group on Linkedin.

  • Manfred Moser


    After much communicating and twittering we gave up and decided to take matters into our own hands. I have developed the maven-android-sdk-deployer which is now the standard helper tools for the maven-android-plugin. More here

  • Satish


    Till then where can I find the android2.1_rc1 dependency jar?

  • Admin of the System


    Please use my tool on github ( and follow its documentation. More details and such can also be found on my website (

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