Drinks: Soy Bean Tea = Soy Bean Coffee !?!

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During my travel in Vietnam I discovered this drink which I enjoyed regularly. You can have it either hot or cold with ice cubes. It tastes a bit like a mixture between tea and coffee, but still very different.

It is soothing like a tea and reviving like a coffee. And it is easy to make too. I still drink it regularly. Interested?

The drink is actually very easy to make. All you need is some dried hard soy beans like you can get them in any supermarket.

For a few teapots of the drink in the future you just take a 200-300g of the beans and heat them up in a pan. You should not add any oil or anything. Keep the stove on a low heat and keep stirring with a wooden spoon. You are roasting the beans like that until they are nice dark and brown all around on the outside. Avoid blackening them.

Thats about it for the preparation.

To make the actual drink you use about a table spoon of the bean in a teapot and poor hot water on top. The drink is ready after a short while of soaking. The longer you soak the beans the stronger the drinks gets.

Drink it hot on a cold, rainy day or put it in a glass of ice cubes when you need that extra bit of refreshment.