Kayak: Wave-Moves

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Werner in a SidekickFlipturn. Rewind, Helix and so on – the list is endless and if I found a short description or a how-to then this is the place to look for them (and the place were I collect the stuff for me personally ;) )

A Whiskey flip is a 3/4 donkey flip into an air blunt.  The boat leaves the water, goes inverted, and then rotates an additional 90 degrees to be on the opposite sidewall.  At this point the paddler unwinds his body and plants a blunt stroke.  It’s a really cool feeling because when you plant your blunt stroke the boat will pause in the air a few feet off the water, and then snap into a blunt, landing in a back surf.   Info from www.epicocity.com

It’s a donkey flip where the boat rotates 360 degrees on the long axis but the paddler puts in a 180 on the horizontal axis landing in a back surf.  The Cab-screw and Whiskey flip are similar but the Cab has a full 360 rotation and it is only performed on the horizontal axis, while the Whiskey flip has it’s 180 rotation on the vertical plane. Info from www.epicocity.com, where you can find a Cab-screw video

EJs says it’s a combination of a backwards donkey flip and a loop. – just read EJs description

Aerial Backstab
or let’s say a reverse Blunt – just read EJs description

its essentially the first part of an airscrew (or Flipturn actually) and then using a cross bow sroke when totally inverted, I’m changing the direction of rotation, and going into a „Space Godzilla“ type sequence that puts me into a front surf back on the green face. By Corran Addison

Flipturn & Helix
just go to Steve Fishers Page for a cool how-to-flipturn


Wer ich bin? Na Werner eben und wer mich kennt der kennt mich. Sonst schaut euch einfach am Blog um und ihr werdet sehen was mich so interessiert....