Tricks for river boogieboarding

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You have no sea – you like boogieboarding – you got a playhole or a surfwave on a river -> go for it!!! Riversurfing is really great fun and supereasy.

This article gives you some basic tips for riverboogie’ing and a lot of how-to’s for the manoveurs we are able to do. Hope you enjoy it!

General tips

Body positioning

A good starting position: have you hipbones at the end of the board and don’t lie flat on the board – keep your body in a slightly arced way (head up) and
you are ready to go.
While surfing move your body forward and backward to control where you are on the wave. Body forward results in less bodydrag so you accelerate down the
wave. When you move your body to the back, you go higher on the foampile which is useful for the setup of some tricks.

Positioning your hands on the board

There are two ways of holding your board

1) The easy and comfy way for relaxed surfing. It’s also good for the
setup of TheRoll (werner style). Just put your hands on the left and right
side in the middle of the board and go for it.
2) This method is really good for aggressive surfing and for all those
bounced tricks. If you pull/push with the hand/elbow you can really work
with the rails and carve it like crazy.

Entry moves

If you have a wave, where you ferry in from an eddy you can easily spice it up with a cool entry move …

180° Boardspin You are lying in the eddy and while you are crossing to the wave, just spin the board so you reach the foampile with the back of the board facing upstream.

On the backPosition your body with the back on the board – now ferry in the wave and enjoy the ride on the back.

And now for the tricks


That’s really big fun and if you learn to carve hard you can use the power from a carve for a nice trick. Just use the 2nd way of positioning your hand. Push the carving edge in the water with your elbow and pull the other edge out of the water – therefore your boogieboard is really edged properly – if you go fast from one edge to the other then you are rewarded with a cool carving and lots of spray.

Bodysurf with the board in front of youStart in a normal frontsurf, now move your hands to the back of the board and just push it to the upriver. You are now in a bodysurf with the board in front of you, so just enjoy it for as long as you can. If you want to finish the move, just let the boogieboard slide under your body and go for the next trick.
Bodysurf with the 90°turned-board in front of you Same as the above one, but you twist the board while you are moving it upriver and then you twist it back to normal when you end the trick.
On the back Start in a normal frontsurf – now, turn you body carefully over the hip to the back and then enjoy the view …
180° Spin to backsurf

Move your body forward and initate a spin with one hand. Put your feet in the air and as soon as you are surfing backwards press the nose of the board underwater and hold your breath. When you have no more air left, just spin back to a frontsurf.

360° SpinStart in the frontsurf and initate the spin: move the body forward on the board and get your feet and fins out of the water (crosswise looks cool). Now you should accelerate down the wave – stick one hand in the water to start the spin and go for it. The toughest moment is, when you are backwards on the wave – the tail easily gets underwater and you are washed out of the wave… just be quick :)

360° KneespinYou are in the frontsurf – you are kneeing on the board (both knees on the board – the easy style) – then just start to spin by paddling with you hands. In the backsurf move the weight a little bit to the nose of the board, so the tail is in the air (look at picture three of the sequence)
On the knees – easy styleYour are surfing straight forward, position your hands to hand style 1 (like Babsi on the picture) and move one knee on the board – just bend it/move it forward.Stabilise yourself with the fin on the other feet. If you want to go for a kneespin then bring the second knee on the board.
To be shot On the knees – real boogie-stylePooohh, that’s cool but not so easy. Have to do it again, so I can write the description …
To be shot Butt on the board

The easiest way to sit on your board and read a magazine or enjoy the landscape is to go for the On the knees – easy style. Then just reposition your feet so you are sitting cross-legged on your boogie.

Board-ShuvitA simple but funny move. Again you start in the frontsurf. If you are ready to go, just turn your board under your body. Now the tail of your boogieboard faces upriver (picture three). When you did enough styling, turn it back again and you are in a frontsurf :)
To be shot 360° BoardspinWait for a bounce or start one with the ollie-technique (same as sk8, snowboard & kayak) – now be quick: while your body is in a bodysurf you have to spin the board in the air. As you finish with the boardspin, just huck it under your body and you did your first boardspin.

Again one of those tricks that start ideally with a bounce. Hands are in position 2 and you are ready to fly: move the board from under you body to the side (picture 2 & 3). Now for extra styling points turn the board in the air. 90° in front of you with lots of air is the thing you want to achive. Finally it’s time for the landing. Turn the board to the normal position while you position it under your body again. That’s it!!!

Tabletop hopAnother bounce – another trick. Position your hands in the right way. One on the nose of the board, the other on the rail. Now pull hard to get the board in the tabletop position – arc it if possible for cool style and bring it back under your body. Cool for slowmotions in videos ;)
BoardbluntOne of my favourites: Similar to the tricks above but this time you want to turn the board from front to back over the nose. (pictures 2 & 3) After the blunt you are lying the board, that is tail-upriver. Do a 180° boardspin and you are done.

Or for perfection: go for a Double Boardblunt

First blunt as above but as you land the board backwards, go for a Boardblunt of the tail of the board. If you are really fast you can do these 2 blunts in one smooth move – pretty cool.

The RollWell, well – the roll. It’s just a sideroll from frontsurf to frontsurf and to make it more complicated Michi and I have to totally different
techniques ….

Werner’s way:I start with the hand position 1 – go for along the line and when you
hit the shoulder of the wave pull hard on the board to move it over your

Michi’s way:

Maybe Michi will write a description for his way of performing this trick

CrossoversThat’s big fun: two (or more) boogieboarders are on the wave and you just change positions. One goes in the crest of the wave, the other on the foam and then you just cross over – easy and cool. For the one on the wave it’s good to move the body backwards so you come to the top of the foampile. The other boarder should move forward on the board to accelerate down the
wave …
That’s a rather tough trick: you start in a frontsurf, then you flip the board sidewise and land on the bottom of the board. Surf it for a while and then flip it back to the front of the board – but watch the leach …
Thinks in our mind …. maybe we can do these tricks maybe not …
BoardloopDon’t know if it works, but the idea is to loop the board while you are in a bodysurf …
BluntYou read the description of the Boardblunt – well we try to do the same with the board and the body …

If you have an idea for a new trick or any comments please let us know


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