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SpiritMatrix meets Spirit (the mascot of the company I work for) – that was the idea for the title picture of the latest newsletter and so I kickstarted poser and photoshop …


Well, that’s the picture I made for the newsletter of my company
and if you read on, there is a mini_tutorial …

Little note: the bold written words are the commands in photoshop
in english – german

Original The Photo

The original picture shot with a digital camera. In Photoshop I adjusted
the Levels – Graduationskurve for a little over-exposure

A green person

I duplicated the layer (so I got the original if something doesn’t turn
out the way I want) and colorized the photo with Image/Adjustments/
Hue Saturation…. – Bild/Einstellen/Farbton & Sättigung

MatrixEffect The Matrix effect

I found a really cool tutorial at
for the Matrix.effect (there are other cool tutorials
there as well, go there !!!)

In short it’s a three-way-thing. Start with a white layer and

  1. Filter/Strukturierung/Körnung — Filter/Texture/Grain (with
  2. Filter/Kunstfilter/Neonschein — Filter/Artistic/Neon Glow (with
    5,20 and Green)
  3. Filter/Stilisierungsfilter/Leuchtende Konturen — Filter/Stylisze/Glowing
    Edges (with 1,7,1)
Person plus Matrix Combine it

Now you have 2 layers: the green person & the matrix effect. Put
the matrix effect layer above the person and use the right layer mode.
In my case ENGLISH – Ineinanderkopieren worked best.

Black Mask Mask it

Now I added a black layer and I deleted the parts where the person should
appear. For the eraser I used a rather large brush with a soft edge –
I wanted a not-too-perfect look …

More Matrix.effect Some more Matrix’ing

On the black layer from the last job (Mask it) I added another Matrix.effect
with less Filter/Texture/Grain.

Now it was time for Spirit …

Poser_time Photoshooting with Spirit

I started the virtual portrait-camera (aka Curious Labs Poser), asked
Spirit to appear on the stage and he made this superman pose for me. It’s
always great to work with Spirit. Together with him, I adjusted the lightning
and then I shot the picture (aka Render). I rendered Spirit on a black
background and saved the picture as a photoshop file.

Bringing it together Bringing it together

In Photoshop I imported the picture of Spirit and duplicated the layer.
Now I just changed the transparency and the order of the two Spirit.layers.

The final order of the layers is (top to bottom):

– black mask with matrix.effect

– first Spirit.photo where I erased some parts of the Spirit’s back

– matrix.effect

– second Spirit.photo

– green person

That’s it – hope you like it and don’t forget to visit my friend
Spirit at www.forschergeist.at


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