update – Step 1

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You might have noticed that the site has been changing a bit here and there. Get an inside look on what happened and what new features are now available to you ;-)

To be honest – we have been a bit slack with updates to the software that runs our site. Things worked fine for us and so we kept plodding along. After all there is so many other things to do beside fuzzing around with PHP and HTML.

However recently we have been haunted by some stupid comment spammers. We ended up turning anonymous comments off. That didn’t help. We still got comment spammed with lots of stupid links in the comments. We knew there have been security issues with PostNuke too. The pain just got too big. We decided to update to the latest and greatest in the spur of a moment. Well – Werner did after much pushing from myself. uses PostNuke and Gallery. So we updated to the latest PostNuke version .762. Since we missed quite a few update steps we ended up having to rewrite our theme. Werner did all that! Good work. After the update we had some problems getting the Gallery to work again. So another spur of a moment and Manfred updated the whole gallery system to the latest release. So all was working again and just needed some tweaking here and there.

That is enough of a background. Now to what you actually get out of it.

  • No comment spam on the site anymore ;-)
  • New separate Topics menu
  • New separate About menu
  • Less clutter in the Navigation menu
  • RSS feed per topic via the RSS menu (custom written by Manfred and released as patch to PostNuke)
  • Updated look and feel including better HTML standard compliance
  • Great new list page off all image galleries
  • Feature to download galleries as archive files for offline viewing

That’s all I can think of at the moment. There might be more. Anyway. We are still planning to migrate the theme to a proper Xanthia theme, which will bring even better page rendering and standards compliance. We will again release the them once it is done. Until then ..

Enjoy and come back again