General Session happings – Part 1

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Jon Gage starting it all up today stipulating a first rule for the next 81 hours at JavaOne for all of us – Don’t be shy. Fair enough. As a motto for not being shy we should all forget our background. Be a Brazilian and embrace anybody you meet. Moving over we got to see a very good motivational video about being open introducing the motto for JavaOne 2007 – Open Possibilities. That video worked as introduction to bring Rich Green on stage.

Rich is talking about the fact that the barriers for communities are falling and of course as a technology company Sun talks about using technology as a catalyst. The network is an unstoppable social force. Mobile phones outship PCs 20:1. Sun had another record year with the most rapid growth of Java. Java is now 12 years old and its growth is still accelerating. As usual they present huge numbers for developers (6M), devices (5.5B) and more which supposedly amounts to an unstoppable momentum.

Then the talk moves on to Glassfish and Rich doing an announcement with Martin Harriman from Ericsson. Ericsson is going to open source some of their multimedia stuff. He talks about a boring telco guy standing at a java rock concert. So true :-) Supposedly it is all explained by a video and all somehow linked to Glassfish. Oh well – whatever. Lets see it.

Next the talk moves to Real Time Java becoming mainstream. The CIO of NASDAQ Anna Ewing tells about their trading technology and that it all runs on Java. It has about 150 000 transactions per second and is working closely with the Real Time Java team. Anna is emphasing the ease of migration.

Next up in the marketing blabla line is the PlayStation 3 Tom Hallman from Sony. Of course it is very important to have Java as part of the BlueRay spec for the interactivity and net connectivity – duh. He shows of a proof of concept of the Open Season animation movie BD. There is a nicely animated butterfly mousepointer and seamless scrolling of menus followed by a call to the developer to learn BD-J. So here is my question: How about running Linux on the PS3 with FULL access to the hardware and not some kneecapped virtualisation like now and with Java on it right out of the box on a Linux distro. Show me that and I will be excited. Lets move on.