Truly a dad

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What can I say – I love this dad thing. Lukas has been a more amazing son than I could have ever wished for and now things are changing for us again. A couple of days ago Nikolas was born and joined our family.

During the pregnancy and birth everything went really well thanks to my awesome wife Yen and our helpers – midwife Jill, doula Litsa and last, but certainly not least, Yen’s mum.

Nikolas is already setting himself up to be just as big and healthy as his big brother. He already gained over 200g! This time the birth happened in the early evening and we ended up going home before midnight, avoiding a night in the hospital just like last time.

Nikolas has been a joy to have around. His constant kicking and squirming in the belly seems to have paid off. He can already lift his head off, when he lays on the belly or just on my shoulder for a burp. Just like his brother he has lots of dark hair and brown eyes with a bit of a blueish border around. He is already very alert and interested in his surroundings.

Lukas has been a very gentle and smart big brother so far and we are all ready for the adventure of a family with two boys. Somehow with his little brother around he seems so BIG now. Everything about him is heavy(14kg), meaty and just very much grown up compared to Nikolas. Of course is also still very much my little baby and cuddle monster. I am SOO looking forward to all the fun we are going to have as a even bigger family now. Life is great!