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Proud to be dad

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Wow. What an amazing experience! And time flies by even faster than it
used to. Unbelievable that it is already over 6 weeks ago that our son Lukas
was born and brought such light into our lives. Check out some of the photos we have been taking. Isn’t he awesome!

The whole pregnancy and birth was definitely a live changing experience. We
were very lucky to connect with some amazing people. Our midwife Jill was truly
great. We got just the right amount of support and guidance from her. Never
too much at once so that things don’t get too overwhelming, but always enough to
allow us to make educated decisions. And during the course of all our visits,
of which I only missed one, we had considerable fun and a few laughs about

Our doula (birth helper) Litsa is sooo passionate about her job. She was a
great help to us during the birth and I am very glad we hired her. Looking back
I can understand that the statistics indicate that a birth with midwife and
doula is less stressful for mum, dad and the baby. Everybody should consider
the support of a doula and a midwife.

We left the hospital the same day. Staying there did not seem to be an
option for us. Especially not for me. I definitely did
not want to leave Lukas‘ or Yen’s side. Of course we did not sleep at all at
home either. Always listening to the new breathing in the room ;-)

Since then Lukas has been growing like crazy. Yen is looking after him like
she has been doing it forever. What an awesome mum! Lukas is sooo healthy.
And mostly he is pretty relaxed as well. Especially when dad changes his
diapers ;-)

Lukas has been experiencing a lot already. We went out to dinner a few
times, once even with a Jazz band, gone for small walks and last weekend
we already went bush bashing searching for mushrooms with Lukas in the carrier.
Of course we found less Chantarelles with our eyes looking at Lukas instead of
hunting for mushrooms. Oh well. Today he helped me get some grapes, carrots and
tomatoes from the garden. What a busy baby!

What more can I say – I am already totally hooked on the dad job. I am
looking forward to more adventures with Lukas.

manfred a.k.a. papa (austrian), ba (vietnamese), daddy (english)