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Salzkammergut Trophy

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What a weekend! Everything started on friday when Rita, Martin, Harry and I left to go to Bad Goisern to participate in the MountainBike Race with our MUnicycles and to show some trials in 3 shows. For the lazy ones who just want to see some photos I uploaded some photos from Rita, Manfred and myself for the more interested ones …continue and read the whole story

Day1 – WarmUp We arrived in Bad Goisern and began to set up our trial parcour and go for some testrides. Then we had to wait until 18:00 when our first UnicyleTrialShow began and it was really big fun and an awesome experience. Luckily Daniel – a young unicyclist – joined us for the show and showed how skilled he is!

Day2 – The tough one Get up, breakfast and then it was time for our 2nd trial show. This time Thomas Öhler joined Harry and myself on his trialbike. It’s unbelievable what he can do on his bike. After a 30min break the race for the municyclists started.It started with a short warming until the uphill began and Martin was unbelievable fast – and he rode straight onto the 1st place. Manfred was in 2nd position for a long time but somewhere on the downhill I was able the overhaul him. But then it happened: ca. 1-1,5km before the finishing line I had a slow coming flat tire … at first I thought that I could ride on but no chance. So I had to push my unicycle until someone had a airpump for me. During this time Manfred passed by. So here are the final results for the 24km and 700m attitude:

  1. 2:11:11.09: Reidlinger Martin
  2. 2:35:08.12: Bader Manfred
  3. 2:39:55.26: Moser Werner
  4. 3:36:46.81: Pamminger Lin
  5. 3:36:46.98: Fischer Patric
  6. 3:36:47.44: Wörther Aron
  7. 3:45:25.95: Moosleitner Harald

Day 3 – Cool down I was really tired and watched the youngsters and kids racing. Especially the U7 was so cute to watch. After their race it was time for our last unicycleshow and this time Harry and I were joined by Daniel and 2 other youngster. Again they showed how skilled they are and I really loved to do the show

Ok, that’s it from this years Salzkammergut Trophy – thanks to all rides who welcomed all unicyclists with open arms, the audience which was unbelievable, the organisation for this perfect event and especially to Daniel and the other 2 youngsters at the sunday trial show

cu next year


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