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3 – 2 – 1 – Zipfl Go

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Everthing started on the 1st January 2009 – our first New Year Bigair Contest (NYBC) took place in Gaissau with Zipflbobs, Airboards, Snowboogieboards and more … due to the big success we upgraded our collection of toys with a Zipflbob …

And today – on the 3kings of whatever public holiday – Harry and I did our first backcountry Zipflbob tour. We started with our snowshoes and after ca. 800m altitude difference we arrived at the top of the Taghaube (near Mühlbach). Helmets, ski goggles and handgloves on and off we zipfl’d! The first meters were really scary but soon we got used to our racing machines and we rode the natural halfpipe of the Taghaube.  Just click on the image for some photos.

Some tips for Zipfl.backcountryrider: use a helmet and ski goggles, attach a safety leach between the Zipflbob and your leg/hand and finally: add a anti-slip pad to your Zipflbob ….


Wer ich bin? Na Werner eben und wer mich kennt der kennt mich. Sonst schaut euch einfach am Blog um und ihr werdet sehen was mich so interessiert....