Salzburger Wasserspiele

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Wow - die letzten 3 Tage waren echt aquatisch. Samstag und Sonntag gings zum Baden an den  Kuchler See (mit dem genialen Sprungseil ins Wasser) und zum Bodyboarden in der…

Installing Apache Maven – Luxury Edition

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As you might or might not know I have been using Apache Maven for quite a few years now and I have come to do all my development projects the maven way although I am probably not a full Maven maven. I am setting up a new development machine at home after being forced to look for a new job so I might as well write down what I do, since it is probably a bit different from the normal install.

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A quick visit to the Big Apple

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Unbelievably it is already over a month ago that we got back home to Victoria from our weeklong visit to New York City. Our three boys dragged mummy and daddy…