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Immer mal wieder kommt mir irgendein kreativer Gedanke unter … Basteln, Werken, Zeichnen, Fotografieren oder was auch immer noch kommt ..

Testing the EOS 300D …

Armin borrowed me his SLR camera – the Canon EOS 300D and of course Babsi and I tested it a little bit.

OK – the camera is really cool to handle and adjustable to every situtation (I really like the aperature and the timed mode) but it has one disadvantage: it’s to slow for sporty shots … we only got 3 shots from the big hop … just one in the air …
Ok, more at the photos …

New Gallery – Natura in Europe

Thx to my new digital camera (a Casio QV5700) I started to photoshooting again.

Hope you like the pictures. The first nested gallery shows some flowers and animals around Salzburg .

Making of the GFX for & Mosabuam.DVD#2

DVD MenuAfter reading the brilliant book „After Effects in Production“ I was curious to see if I can produce a clip similar to the one in the book with my home equipment: a miniDV camcorder and AfterEffects …. At that time I had all the video clips for my next DVD except the menu. So I thought here is a good opportunity to combine these two steps.
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