Manfred and Yen in Salzburg

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After 3 years living in Australia, Manfred and Yen finally mastered it to come to Austria (on their way to Canada). During their three weeks in europe they had a lot of things to do and the weather gave us all options from snowfall to 25° ….

So what did we do while they were here. Well, read on for some highlights …

Snowshoe Tour
On the first days of their stay we had fresh snow and we decided to go on a hike with our snowshoes – the pictures are already up and running
in a gallery.

Paddling in Kuchl
Manfred was really curious about his paddling. So we drove to LaOla where Hans gave us a test-Air55 for Manfred’s stay. During the whole stay we drove to our local playspot and Manfred did really, really well. We got very comfy with the wave and the boat and did lots of spins and some nice blunts. You will see Manfred’s ride in my next video, called CUBlunt which will be released …. sometimes ….

Strolling around in Salzburg

While I had to work (starting at 7am, so I had the afternoon off) Manfred
& Yen enjoyed my bed (yes, I slept on the couch..) or went to the
market or to some other nice spots in Salzburg.

Paddling the marvelous Soca in Slovenia
Did you already see the pictures from our Soca trip? This was
the first time I saw Yen in a whitewater kayak and she did really well, but
sadly I forgot the camera on this day …

The saltmines at Dürnberg

Together with my parents Manfred and Yen discovered the salt mines of
Dürnberg/Hallein. Don’t know what they did there, coz I had to work

oh, and of course some paddling on our local river

We went on the lower run of the Lammer with 2 absolute beginners and a
hole bunch of experienced paddlers. The beginners where Britta, who had
no swim and Tobi, who had one swimming lesson but if you know that he is
just 5 years ….. I was just a little bit tough for me coz Tobi never stopped
to paddle and I had to follow him (never paddled so much in my life …
normally I prefered controlled floating…)

The park of Hellbrunn
And then it was the last day of their stay and we went to the tricky fountains
and the zoo of Hellbrunn, had a superyummie dinner and it was over …

now we are seperated again for four month but Canada is waiting for me to be explored ….


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