Our new home – Victoria

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It has been an adventurous time for Yen and myself recently. After leaving Melbourne, Australia and visiting my hometown Salzburg in Austria to visit my family and friends and some fun time there, we have now been here in Canada for nearly two months and experienced a lot already…

Our new home town is the best place in Canada, – many people keep telling us anyway, we wouldn’t know – Victoria on Vancouver Island off the west coast of British Columbia. We are basically living on an island now ;-). Vancouver Island is bigger than Tasmania, so there is quite a bit to see and do. And we have started to explore the place already.

Our first weekend trip showed us what a rainy place it can be. We went east of Victoria along the coast and hiked along a little stream via the Sitting Lady Waterfall down to Witty Lagoon. And although we got trenched we got some nice shots. We went for many more trips and we will bring some more photos online soon.

Back in town we went on to check out super markets and find old loved products like Nutella and new favorites as well. For example you can not only get mere Peanut Butter here. You can buy Cashew Butter, Almond Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter and so on. Just awesome. I haven’t found a decent chocolate yet though, sniff.

On the other hand we have found quite a few nice restaurants although going out for dinner is quite a bit more expensive than in Melbourne. More like in Salzburg. We already love Rebar, Pagliacis and a few other places. We also went on a tour of the Vancouver Island Brewery and I have to say .. I like it. Good beer is definitely more of a tradition here than in Australia. Lots of brew pubs and micro breweries are there to test yet. And then there is coffee. The Canadians seem to have their own coffee mug with them all the time. Drivers at the red light sip some, pedestrians carry their own mug around and even cyclists seem to have the need for a sip during the ride. Wow. I sure like my coffee too, but that goes a bit far.

We have also found some shops that will hopefully keep us going in terms of Asian vegetables and other important goods. Unfortunately we have not found a great market like the Queen Victoria or the Footscray Market in Melbourne yet. But maybe…

Anyway. As you can see there is a lot to experience and we are busy at it. Stay tuned for more updates on the site soon.