Summer white water paddling on Vancouver Island – Part 2 – Campbell River

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Last week we went for another trip up north on the island. Last
time we did that we discovered so many great thing to explore that we only made
it to Campbell River. Later we were told that the true northern part of
Vancouver Island only starts in Campbell River.

So this time we just started right there.
After a bit of a drive we ended up on ElK Falls Provincial Park camp ground on
the short of the Quinsam river just around Campbell River itself. Last time
we snorkeled down the river with our boogie board and watch lots of big

But this time I had my Tekno with me and was ready to explore. The
paddle stretch that seems to be recommeded in Betty Pratt Johnsons book start
right after the Campbell River gorge at the power station. However looking into
the gorge from Elk Falls I was too curious not to try. I got at the power
station as suggested but instead of heading down rivers I crossed over to the
gorge and paddled up the calm part under the bridge and around the corner into
for me unchartered territory. And I found what I was looking for.

A beautiful
gorge with enough water flowing over the rocks to allow me to paddle.
Shouldering the Tekno I laboured up about 6 rapids and across big pools of
crystal clear water to be rewarded with a descend through a rock garden par
excellence. From the boat in the eddy I started looking downrivers I couldnt
see any route. After a beautiful fun dance through the maze of rocks I arrived
back in the big pool with more than a big grin on my face. I am coming back
here. In fact I checked out the section above Elk Falls as well. The lower part
of Moose Falls definitely looks doable and the run via Deer Falls all the way
to Elk Falls should be great fun. Then you would have to abseil into the gorge
and keep going. That would be great. Anybody done that before?