Summer white water paddling on Vancouver Island – Part 3 – Gold, Davie and Nimpkish Rivers

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After our adventures in Campbell River we went westwards via Strathcona Park to Gold River. We truly entered a different part of the island. The mountains and lakes become truly spectacular. And I took the chance to paddle a the middle section of the Gold River…

Wow, was I impressed. I just paddled a 10km stretch from above the village of Gold River right through and down to the Lions Club campground. The river was truly spectacular. Water so clear that in calm deep pools you can see the rocks in probably 5-6 meter depth easily not. Rock gardens to navigate throw and beautiful pebble and sand beaches all along. And at the end of my runs a nice and fast surf awaited me teasing me to practice my spins and blunts again. With the upper and lowers sections being more difficult this river truly rivals gems like the Soca and will see me back for sure.

Heading north on the logging roadds towards Woss the next day I put my Tekno in the water again. This time it was time to explore the Davies River and paddle on the Nimpkish to Woss. Thie stretch was a great paddle as well. The Davies overs rock garden and open stretches for miles.

The whole stretch took me nearly 3 hours of continuous paddling. With the summer water level I had it was safe to paddle on my own and stop before the few sweepers that totally blocked the river. On higher water levels the time to get out before some of these obstacles would be reduced considerably. Be careful. There were some great little rapids on the Davies and I haven’t felt so far away from civilisation for a long time. Apart from two train bridges later on I was alone out there. An amazing feeling. Before the gorge in the section I found the biggest log jam I have seen on a river yet. Probably 7-8 meter high stacked logs all across the entry to the gorge. The drop into the gorge was actually nice, would there be those logs waiting to pin you. Oh well. It was an easy portage around and I kept floating through wonderland.

What more can I tell you than that I will be back. Oh well. After seeing my first wild Orca on a boat trip from Telegraph Cove and leaving south again I got a glimpse of the Adam and Eve River and stopped by the Puntledge for a dip. Wow, lots to explore up there still. And I haven’t even mentioned things like a hiking trip to Cape Scott or a paddle with Sparkle in Nootka Sound. But as a next paddle trip I will hit the mainland .. Chilliwhack River I am coming!!!