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Hej Saarijärvi Anmasser & Suomi

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Time has gone by and Babsi and I were in need for another trip. In search for a destination the parental leave of Anschi and Elena turned out to be perfect: our destination was Finland.

If this is enough information for then just watch the photos, otherwise there is more to read :)

On our trip we had several highlights:

The wonderful residence Anmasser on the Saarijärvi

Anschi, Elena and Mika have an awesome Mökki (a finish hut) on the lake Saarijärvi (which means Island-lake) and we spend some beautiful days there. Relaxing in the sun, canoeing, sauna and eating blueberries was our program there – and not to forget: enjoying the time with the three Anmassers :)

The awesome multiday Hike & Municycle tour on the Karhunkierros trail

One of the most famous multiday hikes is the Karhunkierros – often also called the Bear trail. We didn’t understand why they didn’t call it the Berry trail. Especially Babsi because she had to stop every 10 meters – otherwise she would have missed a blueberry. Additionally it was an awesome 4-day experience to hike and municycle the trail. Luckily I could ride 3 out of 4 days. Only the section where we left the small Karhunkierros trail to shorty before Ansakämppä was not rideable with the backpack – that means that I pushed and carried my municycle for the full 2nd day …
After the days of hiking and riding we always looked forward to our sleeping place. After the preparation of the firewood and the fire we enjoyed our daily pasta-in-the-wilderness dinner and we never wanted to zap to another channel ;).

The Municycling on the Rukatunturi

Anschi told me about the Rukatunturi and the downhill course so I was curious to ride it. The course turned out to be superfun and I rode the trail 3 times and it’s completly rideable. Besides that Ruka offers a summer sledge which turned out to be really fun – except for my butt-breaking in one curve….


Saunas are finish! In every house you find a sauna and of course we enjoyed them. The fun begins with heating up the sauna and the water with birch-wood. Then, after some time, you hop into the sauna and enjoy the heat and the birch branches ritual (boys, you know what we mean …). One import thing in Finland: no mixed sauna except for couples …. and austrians …

The finish language

The language is definitly – hhmm – let’s say interesting. No chances to recognise some words – it’s just completly different from german or english. Additionally words are incredible long and often contain one letter in uncountable amounts (we found one word with 6 ä)

But we tried to understand some words (no guarantee for correct meanings or spelling):

Finish English
Kiitos Thank you
Hey Hi
Hey hey Bye
Joo Yes
Nej No
lentosema Airport
Saarijärvi Lake with an island
Mökki A very relaxing finish cottage
Karhu Bear
Can be combined with a name for small or grown ups or even dancing bears ;)
iiso poika Soooooo big
Mika ääisa That must be some kind of encouragement for Mika (the son of Anschi and Elena) – similar to „Super mika – go for it“


Wer ich bin? Na Werner eben und wer mich kennt der kennt mich. Sonst schaut euch einfach am Blog um und ihr werdet sehen was mich so interessiert....