Waiting time …

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Perfect weather - a knee kaputt-I-cus and our annual pass for the Zoo resulted in a photosafari on saturday and a family trip on sunday to the animals of Hellbrunn…

Awesome Foursome in 2008

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So somehow we managed not to put any photos on the site over the whole year of 2008 and it is now already February 2009. We certainly have not been…

Wondering out loud about Processing and JavaFX

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Being a part of the Java community for a couple of years now and following whats going on across podcasts and blogs all over I stumbled into an observation today that got me wondering. I was listening to the Floss Weekly podcast episode 52 about Processing.

The discussion on this podcast and the ones I heard just before on the latest of This aint your dads Java about JavaFX sounded awfully similar.

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3 – 2 – 1 – Zipfl Go

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Everthing started on the 1st January 2009 - our first New Year Bigair Contest (NYBC) took place in Gaissau with Zipflbobs, Airboards, Snowboogieboards and more ... due to the big…