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Endlich wieder Soca

Unser letzter Urlaubstrip führte uns mal wieder an unsere geliebte Soca. Schon die Hinfahrt war Dank dem spannendem (und gratis) Hörspiel Lomoco ein Genuß und dann gabs das volle Soca Programm:

  • Paddeln auf Soca und Koritnica
  • relaxtes Campen am Camp Toni in Bovec mit Riki, Maxl & Bernhard und vielen neuen Freunden
  • herausforderndes Biken mit meinen neuen 5.10 Bikeschuhen im Bikepark Kanin und auf dem Kluze Trail (Dank nochmal an den m&m bikeshop – Salzburgs besten Bikeshop)
  • super Essen – ich sag nur CampingWok für Curries und Co und die slowenischen Restaurants für Steinpilzpizza und mehr …
  • coole Einradtour vom Camp Toni nach Cezsoca und retour über die 2 Hängebrücken
  • wunderschöne Natur am Slap Boka Wasserfall und der Soca Quelle

… und natürlich super viel Zeit für Nino, Babsi und mich

Leider waren die 9 Tage viel zu schnell vorbei aber … „Wir kommen wieder – keine Frage!“

Familiencamping am Tachinger See

Letztes Wochenende war wieder campen angesagt. Michi, Gina & Paul sowie Babsi, Florian Nino & ich fuhren für 2 Tage an den Tachinger See. Mit den Bikes und den Chariotanhängern gings um den Waginger See (21km) und am nächsten Tag dann mit Inline Skates, Einrad und Chariots nach Tengling (8km).

Der Tachinger See  – der Campingplatz befindet sich direkt beim Strandbad Taching

Kris Holm Einrad GESTOHLEN — MISSING: Kris Holm Unicycle

Der 27. Dezember war ein trauriger Tag für Harry: sein schwarzes Kris Holm 24 Zoll mit der Magura HS 33 sowie dem Wildlife Leopard 24×3.0 Reifen (2004er Modell) wurde in Salzburg gestohlen. Falls ihr irgend etwas erfahren solltet oder falls euch wer ein günstiges 24er Kris Holm Einrad anbietet dann meldet euch bitte bei

The 27th of December was a sad day for Harry: his black Kris Holm 24 with a Magura HS 33 break and the Wildlife Leopard 24×3.0 tire (bought in 2004) was stolen in Salzburg!!! If you know something about it or if someone offers you the unicycle please contact us at

New lines in town …

It’s amazing. I ride my unicycles since 5 years now and still I find new obstacles right in my neighbourhood …

As you can see, I’m particulary interested in skinny lines …. and I’m already curious what else I will discover!

3some time in the Dolomites

Winter is slowly coming nearer and nearer so the three of us decided that it was time for a 5day shorttrip. After a tiny bit of planing we came up with the Fanes region in the Dolomites.

At the Munt de Fanes (in the Rifugio Lavarella) we enjoyed some time of hiking, municycling and mountain yoga/gymnastics/being silly ….
The Col Bechei and especially the descent from the Rif. Lavarella to the Pederü turned out to be fantastic municycling rides – I was really stocked.

After that we circumnavigated the Pragser Wildsee and it was over and out again… back to Salzburg and the preparation of the photos for you …

Logrides and more

I always loved balancing with my municycle and my mountainbike. But thanks to Kyril and Emma (two storms with heavy that causes huge damage) there are now plenty of logrides on our localspot. It’s always important to check if the logs are stable and then go for it – you never know when they are gone…

Another thing: never stop looking and you will find stuff like the concrete drop or the concrete balance line at the beginning of the Glasenbachklamm.

Just check out some of the videostills

Juggling in vienna at the "1. Wiener Jonglierhimmel"

7 girls and their driver Werner headed for a long weekend trip to the 1st juggling convention in vienna. We enjoyed the inspiring workshops (contact juggling, ballon modelling, capoeira, 3ball juggling, ..), plenty of free juggling action (especially with our diabolo – thx Edi) and some sightseeing in vienna.
Additionally we bought some new stuff (diabolos, lunastix, clubs, …) and watched the GalaShow & the OpenStage (with the unbelievable fast YoYo action)

Ok, enough of my writing – enjoy the photos.

Salzkammergut Trophy

What a weekend! Everything started on friday when Rita, Martin, Harry and I left to go to Bad Goisern to participate in the MountainBike Race with our MUnicycles and to show some trials in 3 shows. For the lazy ones who just want to see some photos I uploaded some photos from Rita, Manfred and myself for the more interested ones …continue and read the whole story

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Testride for the Salzkammergut Trophy

The Salzkammergut Trophy is a really famous bike marathon, but this year it’s also possible to participate on one wheel. Yesterday Babsi and I drove to Bad Goisern for a testride. The tour is 24,8km long and has 634m attitude … sadly only the first 300m uphill were rideable (up to Rehkogl) – then the road turned into a very steep gravel road. So I had to push my municycle until I reached the rideable part at the Kriesmoosalm. Afterwards a short, steep section needs some walking again but then we reached the highest point on the tour and the downhill began – most parts are forestroads but the landscape is just amazing. All together it’s a nice tour and the maximum time of 3.5hours is allright for muncyclists. It took us around 3,5h but we had a lot of photostops – a time under 3h is definitly no problem …

Hope to see you on the 14th of July – I will be there ;)

For some photos of the tour follow me … and for some facts for other municyclers who want to participate follow this link

Municycling the Schlenken

After celebrating Toni’s 40th birthday on saturday Babsi, Patti, Alex and I ascended the Schlenken on sunday. After the long uphill the ride began: the first part was tough riding due to the steepness, narrow pathes and loose ground. Later the path turns to a forest road and at the end you have some awesome singletrails again. Thanks to Babsi there are some photos to see

Project: Gaisberg complete

Every year some ideas pop in my mind and some of these projects work out perfectly (like my first multiday municycle trip on sardinia), some are still in my head (like the crossing of the UBerg) and today I cleared another project: the first complete Gaisberg ride with my 29′ municylce.

This means a complete up- & downhill on one wheel. I started at at my flat and arrived at the top of the Gaisberg with no meter pushing the bike (but plenty short breaks). After a short relaxing moment I decended on the awesome trails with the speed of the 29′ muni … Overall it took me from my flat to the top 1h50min and 1h30min back to my flat

Filming continuos

Filming continuos for my next upcoming video which will be released in 2007 …

Last weekend Babsi did some awesome filming of my 1 & 2wheel action and to give you an inside view I made some stills …

update: Another 15° day – another videosession … another set of videostills …

A typical untypical winter weekend …

Well, it’s the beginning of december but still we have 10°C and more which is quite untypical. On the other side it was weekend and time to play – which is definitely typical.

This time we decided to ride our bikes – on saturday the bicylce and on sunday the unicylce. Our destinations were the Gaisberg and the Trattberg and on both mountains we enjoyed the typical mountain hut food and awesome trails – ok, time for the photos (made by Hannes and Babsi)

Monobicicletta Sardegna

I thought that a little bit of sun and sea is a good idea before winter starts. Therefore my municycle, my sleepingback and I hoped onto a plane and flew to Sardinia.

There I covered the distance from Cala Gonole to Santa Maria Navaresse (ca 45km) on the unicycle and on foot. The first day was tough riding and lots of hiking. The second day was 700m attitude uphill on concrete and the third day was an awesome offrode ride from Baunei to Santa Maria. After the riding I relaxed for 1,5 day on the beach with 30°, sunshine and the emerald sea (with 22°) and after that I had to return to Olbia and later to white Salzburg …

If you are interested in this beautiful island – just enjoy the photos.