Kayak: Hole-Moves

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Soca playThere is no wave available to do some cool wave moves but you got a nice hole … then there are of course some possiblities to play around

Splitwheel Two ends with a piroutte between them (change of the side) just read the description at prokayaker.tv

SuperClean Two linked ends without using the paddle …. just read the description

Tricky Wuu Throwing an end to the left followed by a wingover to the right into another end left … thats what they say at prokayaker.tv another prokayaker.tv howto

Morphius is like a Squirt Boat Washout on the bow into a clean stern. Its a cartwheeling type move.

Spyra Gyra is like a stern Space Godzilla but you land squars on the bow and loop up.

Black Attack is an old squirt move but you can do it in a hole. Clue into the oncomming green water, mystery move, underwater stern squirt, pirouette bak up throgh the pile and in the hole in a vertical stern pirouette.

A Grubb is like a Space Godzilla, but clean and has an extra 90 degree rotation. Its nearly impossible to describe but imagine combining a Air Screw with a 360 pirouette at the same time.. so the boat gyrascopes through the air and you land back on the bow into a cartwheel or another loop or something. Hard but sweet.


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