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MTB: Val d’Unia / Engadin / Switzerland

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While our main goal on the last weekend trip was paddling (Oetz, Sanna, Giarsun and Scoul’ser), we changed our toys for one day and went on this spectacular mountain bike tour.

Start/End Camp Sur En
Point of Return Sesvenna alpine restaurant
Kilometers 16 km oneway, so 32km
Altitude 1100 hm

We started right from the campsite in Sur En. Just continue on the road to the village of Sur En. At Sur En stay on the main road, which turns to a gravel road (there is a sign „Uina Dadaint – 2,5h“). Always stay on this road until you reach the alpine hut Uina Dadaint. This was the toughest part of the tour …

The gravel road ends hear and the fun begins – the path turns to a forest path and it’s just big fun … After a while you reach the Val d’Uina Canyon and the portage begins … it took us around 30mins but it’s such an amazing surrounding that it was over in a sec ….

Finally the canyon opens and you reach the alpine plateau and you can ride a funtrail for 3km – but still it’s uphill … But finally you reach the Sesvenna alpine restaurant, where you get yummie cheese, bread and other stuff …

From here you can continue for a huge tour, but we headed back and enjoyed the trails (except the portage of the Val d’Uina gorge) …


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