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Java One: Collecting my thoughts after two days

Looking at the clock it is now basically day three of Java One 2007 – it is just after midnight Wednesday with all the Thursday sessions starting up in a few hours. Considering that I should really jump to bed and get a shut eye, but there are just too many things going through my head.

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General Session happings – Part 2

NetBeans 6 was the next victim of the marketing round. Rich announced that the OpenJDK release is completed today! Awesome – this rocks. We got a full open source Java system now. NetBeans is enabled for contributions. The interim governing board for the OpenJDK was announced and is starting with the creating a of a constitution and holding elections. They will also take care of the TCK issue. The standalone TCK will be available to the community. So here go. Sun talked about open sourcing Java and now its done. Now the challenges and opportunities really start. Faster, faster, faster is a new motto for the upcoming JDK. That motto is meant for performance, but it could easily also be meant for getting java packages out there on Linux and more.

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General Session happings – Part 1

Jon Gage starting it all up today stipulating a first rule for the next 81 hours at JavaOne for all of us – Don’t be shy. Fair enough. As a motto for not being shy we should all forget our background. Be a Brazilian and embrace anybody you meet. Moving over we got to see a very good motivational video about being open introducing the motto for JavaOne 2007 – Open Possibilities. That video worked as introduction to bring Rich Green on stage.

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Jave One – General Session Wowness

Holy cow. I am sitting here in the general session hall. It is like a freaking aeroplane hangar. The projection wall is a 16:9 plus to 4:3 screen of massive size. I have no idea how many people are here, but there must be thousands. This is huge. I am sitting beside another Ubuntu user here as well and found out about wifi radar. Just what I was looking for. Stay tuned for more about the general session later.

Truly a dad

What can I say – I love this dad thing. Lukas has been a more amazing son than I could have ever wished for and now things are changing for us again. A couple of days ago Nikolas was born and joined our family.

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Feisty drinking a cup of coffee

So far so good. Feisty certainly rocks in many aspects as you see from my previous posts, but here comes a biggie. Feisty is probably the best system to get going with Java development out of the box. And here is why and a few gotchas.

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Tweaking a Feisty Fawn

After lots of pain with data recovery and associated fun due to my master harddisk totally dying on me, I am back up with a brand new install of Feisty. My old install of Dapper with all the working setup is toast. I was able to copy some files off the partition, but thats about it. In that sense I am missing part of the reference I was going to use for setting up Feisty and I currently don’t have a system that does all I want. So there is a lot to do and here is what I have done so far in terms of tweaking.

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Winter biking at the Zoo

The Zoo is what some local bikers call the great network of trails at Mt. Tzouhalem near Duncan on Vancouver Island. After Xmas this year I was lucky enough to get up there for a days ride in awesome, if cold, weather. I just had to try my new Five Ten Impact Mid freeride shoes ;-) – truely sweet shoes by the way.

With the help of my knowledge from previous rides and the maps from the Fat Bastards and Heavy J I was able to find my way around without problems (mostly) and had a blast for a few hours. Check out the photos for more impressions from my ride and be sure that I will be back! I might even take Werner along ;-)

Mountain Biking – My Wishes From Saanich, CRD and other local powers for 2007

Okay, so I won’t fuzz around and come right to it. Living in beautiful Victoria as the capital city of British Columbia I continue to be saddened by the lacking acceptance of mountain biking and the conditions local bikers have to put up with. And with the latest issue of MudNews, the newsletter of the South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS), I had to find out that the CRD is thinking of making things worse!

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If you program, you are an API designer

I just finished watching this great video of a presentation of Joshua Bloch did at JavaPolis about API design. Yeah, Josh is the author of the must read book Effective Java and actually is working on a second editition. The presentation is titled „How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters“.

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