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My new camcorder – Sharp VL-AX1E

Sharp VL-AX1E

After a long time without a digital video camera accessible to myself, I have finally got my own camcorder. It took me quite a while to research the market and make a decision on what to buy. In the end I got a Sharp VL-AX1. The motivations for buying this camcorder range widely and I have a few plans already on what to do with the camera as well…
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Postnuke: Mosabuam Theme 20030211 released

After releasing the site based on the free software solution Postnuke and others (find out more about how our site works here) enjoying the benefits of the work carried out by so many people out there we decided to release our theme back to all to use. Consider it still a work in progress though. We are happy with what it does for us and we follow the premise release often and regularly. So if you have any request or ideas to add let us know.

We will make the theme available in the download section once we figured out how the hell we get categories working for our downloads. For now just get the file from here.

Our new website – how does it all work?

We finally did it! An update to our site has been long overdue and we could only succeed thanks to a few great tools we found and our site is now using.

Originially, back in 1996 when we started to work on our website, we hardcoded our HTML with a text editor and that was it then. With a bit of planning and some hard work we were actually able to whip a site – Waterways – together we were happy with.

Things have changed since then…

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