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Don’t miss the Sun Developer Days in Vancouver

The evangelists are coming to town. James Gosling and others are making their way to BC and will be at the Sun Developer Days in Vancouver. Yeah – I know. They should really come to beautiful Victoria. No choice about that though. You might have to hop on that seaplane or hit the ferry. Don’t miss the opportunity. The event is FREE! Check it out and register!

See you there – Manfred

Thanks to VanJUG for their involvement in organising this event.

Mailinglists down

Our hosting provider is currently having trouble with their setup. I am trying to chase them as hard as I can. Unfortunately the mailing lists are currently off line and will stay so for a bit.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I will keep you updated when the lists go back up.


Gallery all up and well again

Just a short notice. We had some problems with our gallery system and have therefore been a bit quiet with new galleries. We have resolved these issues now and will be checking in more pictures shortly.

Stay tuned.

Manfred & Werner

Preparing Knoppix/Debian Linux for Non-Linear Video Editing

Wow.. so you have got your camcorder ready and want to take up the challenge of authoring your videos with Linux. I made the same choice and want to show you how to get your system ready to capture those video via your
IEEE1394(Firewire) card. All following instructions are valid for Debian GNU/Linux as installed from Knoppix and detail how I got things to work. I used all sorts of sources in the internet as well as a little help from fellow members of the <a
href=““ target=“_blank“>Victoria Linux User Group.

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Vancouver Island Paddling [VI-Paddling] Mailing List now online!

Finally we are live. The Vancouver Island Paddling mailing list is on the internet. Everybody interested in discussing white water paddling related issues with fellow paddlers is welcome to join the list. We aim to be a forum for everybody interested in getting his paddle wet, be it in a canoe or kayak, in the surf or down a waterfall. Do you wanna sell some stuff and reach paddlers on the island? Or do you wanna hook up with some locals? Or you needed the latest news from the rivers out there? Read on and join us now!!!

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PHProjekt Public Calendar System v20030724 released

It has been in use in production for more than a year now and I finally found the time to properly package
the PHProjekt Public Calendar System for others to enjoy. PHProjekt is a mature, powerful web based groupware solution facilitating a PHP environment. It has an
active development and user community. The whole groupware requires access via login for any users. Within the calendar component of the groupware public events can be created. And this is where the PPCS comes in handy…

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SpiritMatrix meets Spirit (the mascot of the company I work for) – that was the idea for the title picture of the latest newsletter and so I kickstarted poser and photoshop …
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Making of the GFX for & Mosabuam.DVD#2

DVD MenuAfter reading the brilliant book „After Effects in Production“ I was curious to see if I can produce a clip similar to the one in the book with my home equipment: a miniDV camcorder and AfterEffects …. At that time I had all the video clips for my next DVD except the menu. So I thought here is a good opportunity to combine these two steps.
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Postnuke Mosabuam Theme 20030319 released

Finally our new theme is live on the site and available for download. Since I was unhappy with the internals of the theme I completely
rebuilt the theme from scratch with the same layout and enhanced functionality
in mind. I ended up with a theme based upon the core PostNuke theme and many,
many enhancements…

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The joys of enterprise RDBMSs – limiting ordered SQL output

I have been using various RDBMS systems for a while but now and then I discover things that really annoy me. I just found another one with Oracle. I might be wrong but here is what I found I have to do for a simple task. This article is as much a reference for me as it is a help for you.

Suppose I have a table with lots of entries and I want to get the latest three records. The reason will be that you are only interested in a certain part of the data and want the database to transmit only the data you need…

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