Don’t miss the Sun Developer Days in Vancouver

The evangelists are coming to town. James Gosling and others are making their way to BC and will be at the Sun Developer Days in Vancouver. Yeah – I know. They should really come to beautiful Victoria. No choice about that though. You might have to hop on that seaplane or hit the ferry. Don’t miss the opportunity. The event is FREE! Check it out and register!

See you there – Manfred

Thanks to VanJUG for their involvement in organising this event.

SEAsia Part 3:Thailand – a paradies for shop-O-holics & food-O-holics

From Cambodia it took as one day on the road to arrive in the southeastern corner of Thailand in the nice town of Trat. A relaxing day there was followed by Koh Chang, Thailands 2nd biggest island. After a few days at the Whitesand Beach (and a cooking course) we took a boat to a smaller island – Koh Kham, the Kitsch-island itself ….

Koh Kham was followed by another stay at Koh Chang and then we took the bus to Bangkok. A paradies for shoppers at places like the weekend market, the MBK-shopping center and many others. Our luggage went up from 3 backpacks (ca. 25kg) to 6 backpacks with 50kg …. Besides the shopping we enjoyed the spectacular Royal Palace and the Wats (=temples) and of course … the thai food!!!

Well, that’s it from our trip – now have a look at the Thailand photos


SEAsia Part 2:Cambodia – the big divide

After some perfect days we left Vietnam on the Mekong and arrived in Cambodia. Our fist stop was Phnom Phen, where we were shocked by the big gap between the few ultra rich and the poor people of Cambodia plus the corruption going on. It also felt weird that every house, restaurant, .. is behind big walls, barbwire and with security persons around.

Well, after seeing the sights of Phnom Phen we moved on to Sihanoukville (a ’nothing special‘ beach village) and then to Siam Reap. From this nice little town we explored the temples of Ankor on bicycles until we were completly templed out and we moved on to Thailand.

Ok, enough writing – check out some of the photos

SEAsia Part 1: Vietnam – living the Hobbit-way

5513Our trip started in Saigon and after a few hours we adopted to the vietnamese behavior of ’snacking through the day‘ – just like the hobbits in middleearth. Our record were 8 food/cafe stops in one day … Besides the food (which is amazing) we enjoy the open-hearted and superfriendly vietnamese people and the beautiful landscape.
Ok, enough writing – check out some of the photos

Lots of snow in Big White

It is already nearly two weeks ago that we got back from our winter trip. This year we went to Big White in the interior of BC and since it was three of us the first time we had to drive up ourselves. Not a problem though. 4WD and new tires… ready to roll. Check out some of the photos we took or read on for more impressions.

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Impressions from Down Under

After moving to Canada over two years ago and Lukas‘ birth in September it was time for us to go back to Melbourne for a visit. We headed down south east and after a long travel Yen and Manfred were back in the big city. And Lukas was in Australia for his first time although not even 3 months old. We enjoyed visiting friends and family and touring up north to the New South Wales coast and New England. Check out some of our photos to find out more.

Tracks – The MUnicycle Video

TracksAfter one year of filming and editing I’m proud to present my second Municycle video called Tracks. It features unitrials and mountain unicycling from the last year… Hope you enjoy it and I’m always happy hear what you liked and what not – just mail me or write a comment on the site.

Ok, here is the video. Running time is 15min therefore it’s a little bit bigger … Download the wmv file (60MB) (Best: Right mousebutton „Save Link As…“.

Wow – mittlerweile gibts schon einige Anmerkungen zum Video: Dt. Forum | Eng. Forum | Downhill Board | Monociclos [Spain]

Resident racoons and other neighbours

We always thought we have some racoons in our neighbourhood. And now with the leaves off the trees I have finally caught them on camera in our backyard. Speaking of backyard.. I also wanted to share a photo of a young seal I took in September at the Oak Bay marina. Check it out in the gallery

1 and 2 wheels in southern tyrol

Thx to the national public holiday Pat, Toni and I had the opportunity to stay 5 days in southern tyrol at Maria’s place. Thanks again Maria for everything – it was awesome!!!

If you want to go on a trip to Southern Tyrol then you may want to read the hole story for some tips – otherwise you can just enjoy the photos.

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Proud to be dad


Wow. What an amazing experience! And time flies by even faster than it
used to. Unbelievable that it is already over 6 weeks ago that our son Lukas
was born and brought such light into our lives. Check out some of the photos we have been taking. Isn’t he awesome!

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Animals & the 350d

Well, well – after a long time of thinking I finally bought a Canon 350d SLR camera. Kind of a selfpresi to my – oh, hold on – 32th birthday … but somehow I don’t feel any older or wiser or more respectable….

Anyway – I visited the Zoo of Hellbrunn and made some photos there with the new toy.

Akrocalypse in Munich

It’s was time for our second Akrocalypse – 3 acrobatic days in Munich! This year Gabi, Anja and Tobi joined Babsi and me and we had a lot of fun during the 3 days.

We had the opportunity to try the trapeze, some acrobatic stuff on the floor, bungy salto and some other stuff. Additionally we were lucky to see the „Genesis of AkroArt“ show.

As usually we shot some photos for you.