Resident racoons and other neighbours

We always thought we have some racoons in our neighbourhood. And now with the leaves off the trees I have finally caught them on camera in our backyard. Speaking of backyard.. I also wanted to share a photo of a young seal I took in September at the Oak Bay marina. Check it out in the gallery

1 and 2 wheels in southern tyrol

Thx to the national public holiday Pat, Toni and I had the opportunity to stay 5 days in southern tyrol at Maria’s place. Thanks again Maria for everything – it was awesome!!!

If you want to go on a trip to Southern Tyrol then you may want to read the hole story for some tips – otherwise you can just enjoy the photos.

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Proud to be dad


Wow. What an amazing experience! And time flies by even faster than it
used to. Unbelievable that it is already over 6 weeks ago that our son Lukas
was born and brought such light into our lives. Check out some of the photos we have been taking. Isn’t he awesome!

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Animals & the 350d

Well, well – after a long time of thinking I finally bought a Canon 350d SLR camera. Kind of a selfpresi to my – oh, hold on – 32th birthday … but somehow I don’t feel any older or wiser or more respectable….

Anyway – I visited the Zoo of Hellbrunn and made some photos there with the new toy.

Akrocalypse in Munich

It’s was time for our second Akrocalypse – 3 acrobatic days in Munich! This year Gabi, Anja and Tobi joined Babsi and me and we had a lot of fun during the 3 days.

We had the opportunity to try the trapeze, some acrobatic stuff on the floor, bungy salto and some other stuff. Additionally we were lucky to see the „Genesis of AkroArt“ show.

As usually we shot some photos for you.

Mailinglists down

Our hosting provider is currently having trouble with their setup. I am trying to chase them as hard as I can. Unfortunately the mailing lists are currently off line and will stay so for a bit.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I will keep you updated when the lists go back up.


Pinzgau on wheels

Last weekend one just a perfect one: blue sky and perfect rides on our wheels.

Pat, Toni, Darko and I started on saturday with Saalbach. While Pat and Toni rode the 4-cablecar tour, Darko and I ripped the Reiterkogel Bikepark in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. I really enjoyed the playful area and had plenty rides on 1 and 2 wheels.

On sunday Pat, Toni and I rode up the Hundstein and we were rewarded with  Kaspressknödlsuppn and brilliant singletrails….

Enough blabla – just enjoy the photos from Pat and Darko

MUniride: Enzianhütte to Seewaldsee

8538 Gladly we have sunshine now and Babsi wanted to go to a lake. Luckily I had the idea to combine the Seewaldsee with a MUni ride from the Enzianhütte down to the lake. After the uphill hiking and a stop at the Enzianhütte it was time for a really challenging downhill…
PS: I had to portage some, failed some and rode many ;)
PSS: Sorry for the image quality but the pix are videograbs …

MUniride at the Barmstein

During a short sunny period on friday Babsi and I headed of to the Barmstein – one of my local MUnirides. While I rode my MUni, Babsi took some photos of my riding (& falling).

A different kind of Poker

Last Sunday I participated in a very different new kind of poker game for me. In the picture you see the poker hands all the teams got. I sure had a lot more fun that I could have at a real poker game. Teams? Poker hands? Fun? Find out more about the SIMBS Hartland Poker Mountainbike Race and read on…

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Origami workshop by Paul Jackson

3483 After seeing the Origami exhibition I was glad to take part in Paul Jackson’s workshop Origami for artists and designers. Everthing started with feeling the paper (the grease…) and then we moved on to one fold and how to fix it. Crumbling was one of the next topics which is a really uncommon origami way for me (but cool), then we did some mountain and valley folding (the small image on the right) and lastly we did two modular orgami pieces. Of course you can see some of the stuff I did during the workshop.

If you want to explore some other stuff, take a look at Paul’s website in general and especially this subpage
and the subpage containing some work by his students – great crumbling stuff …

Origami exhibition in the Hangar-7

3451After my return from the exhausting MUni convention, Babsi and I set off the explore the Origami exhibition at the Hangar-7. Of course I had the camera along to show you some of the masterpieces.

One final remark: don’t miss it – you have to see this beautiful exhibition! It’s open until the 30th of September 2005 and it’s free.

High water surfing …

During the last weekend Salzburg was hit by heavy rainfalls that brought the rivers to really high levels… and suddenly waves appear where there is normally nothing … Curious? Read on to see the wave …

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