New Zealand: Adventures on the rainy south island

CliffsIt was late December 2001 Babsi and Werner went ahead from Europe and were joined by Yen and Manfred from Australia to tour around the south island and experience the beauty of this spectacular place. We went kayaking, sky diving, sea kayaking, caving, tube rafting, rafting and so on and so on. We mainly camped although sometimes we thought we might just be washed away. All the rain gave us plenty of waterfalls though and we saw a lot of other things too.

The original waterways is still online

A screenshot of the original Waterways web sites home pageThis is how it all started. Kayak and Canyoning Action in and around Salzburg … there is even a german version.. We started our web site 1996 with a true online cooperation. Manfred in Melbourne and Werner in Salzburg. Our first stab at HTML. Amazing where this all lead in the end. The site is now outdated for a long while, but it still contains interesting content. We are going to move all the content over to this system in the future. But we will keep the old site just for pure fun too. All the handcoded HTML .. those were the days ;-))