Postnuke: Mosabuam Theme 20030211 released

After releasing the site based on the free software solution Postnuke and others (find out more about how our site works here) enjoying the benefits of the work carried out by so many people out there we decided to release our theme back to all to use. Consider it still a work in progress though. We are happy with what it does for us and we follow the premise release often and regularly. So if you have any request or ideas to add let us know.

We will make the theme available in the download section once we figured out how the hell we get categories working for our downloads. For now just get the file from here.

Our new website – how does it all work?

We finally did it! An update to our site has been long overdue and we could only succeed thanks to a few great tools we found and our site is now using.

Originially, back in 1996 when we started to work on our website, we hardcoded our HTML with a text editor and that was it then. With a bit of planning and some hard work we were actually able to whip a site – Waterways – together we were happy with.

Things have changed since then…

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Kayak: Wave-Moves

Werner in a SidekickFlipturn. Rewind, Helix and so on – the list is endless and if I found a short description or a how-to then this is the place to look for them (and the place were I collect the stuff for me personally ;) )
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Babsi & Werner in big London

London TowerbridgeThx to Ryanair we had a free flight to London and so we went for a 4day trip to the capitol of England, where we enjoyed the market of Camden, the shops in the Soho area and the typical sightseeing thingies like the London Eye with its astounishing views

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Vietnam: From inner city Hanoi to the Mekong countryside Part 4: Nha Trang city, Mui Ne beach and Saigon

Dragon stairs at Nha Trangs main temple
After a great day island hopping around Nha Trang we were interested to investigate the city itself. We both wanted a hassle free day from all the taxi and cyclo drivers, so we decided to hire a cyclo driver for the day. The guest house receptionist recommended a nice local driver for us and off we went. Two people on a small cyclo can be quite a snug fit. I sat on a wood plank slightly elevated from the seat, legs spread so that Yen sit in the seat..and we headed off north from our hotel..
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Vietnam: From inner city Hanoi to the Mekong countryside Part 3: My Son and Nha Trang Islands

Temple detail at My SonIt kept raining over night and our trip to the My Son temple site was destined to get us a bit wet. The site originates from the Kingdom of the Champa and is situated inlands of Hoi An. We went there by bus and it was drizzling happily, when we arrived. Since it didn’t look like it would improve, we bought two of the plastic bag type raincoats and actually wore them, when we walked off to the site.
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Vietnam: From inner city Hanoi to the Mekong countryside Part 2: Hue and Hoi An

Thien Mu Pagoda along the Perfume river
Coming in an over night train from Hanoi, which didn’t really allow for much sleep, we arrived in Hue rather tired. Nevertheless we explored the town and the Purple City palace area, or what is left of it, by just walking around. The Purple City is a great complex of old buildings ranging from newly renovated ones to a pile of rocks. The entrance building and gate is particularly impressive. We spent a few hours exploring the palace after a warm up in the Imperial Museum.

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Vietnam: From inner city Hanoi to the Mekong countryside Part 1: Hanoi and Halong Bay

A typical postcard scene in Ha Long Bay
After successfully getting married with a great party and only 2 days to pack and recover Yen and myself were heading to Vietnam for four weeks of adventures and impressions. In fact it was bound to become adventerous, since all we had organised were our flight tickets. And we sort of packed our bags just in time. We were still packing about 4 hours, before we took off in Melbourne…
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Drinks: Soy Bean Tea = Soy Bean Coffee !?!

During my travel in Vietnam I discovered this drink which I enjoyed regularly. You can have it either hot or cold with ice cubes. It tastes a bit like a mixture between tea and coffee, but still very different.

It is soothing like a tea and reviving like a coffee. And it is easy to make too. I still drink it regularly. Interested?
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