CUBlunt Winter is over – the local wave is gone. But the new video CUBlunt is ready.

It’s again produced by werner, the sound is GutenTag(Reklamation) by WirSindHelden and I hope you like the video and add a comment

And now it’s time to watch the DivX video – 12mb; 3:41min or the quicktime video – 14mb; 3:41min

Ah, the paddlers are (in order of appearance): Thomas (Booster60), Babsi (Supersonic), Julia (Kingpin, Witch), Manfred (Disco, Air55), Werner (Tekno, Air55, CUFly), Kristin (GForce), Michi (Sub7), Hannes (Air55), RastaHias (FX)


While some people „enjoyed“ the T3 trash in Graz, we headed south. Gabi, Thomas, Michi and I drove down to Osttirol and paddled the Drau (sadly low water) and the Isel from Huben to Ainet . Brilliant weather, yummie pizzas and the amazing whitewater – that’s how a weekend should be ;)


SpiritMatrix meets Spirit (the mascot of the company I work for) – that was the idea for the title picture of the latest newsletter and so I kickstarted poser and photoshop …
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Plattling – boogieboarding and kayaking until you are out of energy

Gabi, Thomas, Michi, Gina and I started on friday for a three day trip to Plattling. The artifical hole there is an amazing place for paddling and boogieboarding. We shot a huge amount of pictures and we tried some new boogieboard stuff. I already updated the
boogieboard article with the new stuff: 2 entry moves, the boardflip and some shots from tricks we already knew.

UPDATED: Last weekend was again Plattling time. This time with Kristin, Armin, Nico, Julia and others – I uploaded some new pictures plus 2 videos with Nico (video 1video 2, both are 1,5 MB)

New Gallery – Natura in Europe

Thx to my new digital camera (a Casio QV5700) I started to photoshooting again.

Hope you like the pictures. The first nested gallery shows some flowers and animals around Salzburg .

Manfred and Yen in Salzburg

After 3 years living in Australia, Manfred and Yen finally mastered it to come to Austria (on their way to Canada). During their three weeks in europe they had a lot of things to do and the weather gave us all options from snowfall to 25° ….

So what did we do while they were here. Well, read on for some highlights …
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Tricks for river boogieboarding


You have no sea – you like boogieboarding – you got a playhole or a surfwave on a river -> go for it!!! Riversurfing is really great fun and supereasy.

This article gives you some basic tips for riverboogie’ing and a lot of how-to’s for the manoveurs we are able to do. Hope you enjoy it!
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New Gallery – Soca-paddling & Snowshoe

Summer starts and so do the day/multiday trips become more and more … then I bought a new digital camera (the Casio QV5700) and all this results in the new gallery Sporty Trips in Europe. Thx to the gallery system we are using, we have the option of nested galleries and for the beginning it’s time for snowshoeing at the Taghaube …

… and some paddling at the Soca

Making of the GFX for & Mosabuam.DVD#2

DVD MenuAfter reading the brilliant book „After Effects in Production“ I was curious to see if I can produce a clip similar to the one in the book with my home equipment: a miniDV camcorder and AfterEffects …. At that time I had all the video clips for my next DVD except the menu. So I thought here is a good opportunity to combine these two steps.
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Postnuke Mosabuam Theme 20030319 released

Finally our new theme is live on the site and available for download. Since I was unhappy with the internals of the theme I completely
rebuilt the theme from scratch with the same layout and enhanced functionality
in mind. I ended up with a theme based upon the core PostNuke theme and many,
many enhancements…

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Ile de la Reunion

You are looking for tropical island that has more too offer than „just“ beaches – look no further: Reunion is the answer. Mountains, waterfalls, dense forests, clouds and plenty of outdoor activities – just have a look and start to dream of your own trip to Reunion

Mauritius – the beach paradise

When Babsi and I heard of the option to visit Mauritius before our main holiday destination – Reunion – we said: ´Yeah, let’s go´.

And we spent there seven beautiful days. You can read a little bit about the island or there are some galleries just for you.

The island itself offers plenty to do and if you need a refreshing thing, just go in the cristall clear water for a snorkeling trip
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