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Filming continuos

Filming continuos for my next upcoming video which will be released in 2007 …

Last weekend Babsi did some awesome filming of my 1 & 2wheel action and to give you an inside view I made some stills …

update: Another 15° day – another videosession … another set of videostills …

A typical untypical winter weekend …

Well, it’s the beginning of december but still we have 10°C and more which is quite untypical. On the other side it was weekend and time to play – which is definitely typical.

This time we decided to ride our bikes – on saturday the bicylce and on sunday the unicylce. Our destinations were the Gaisberg and the Trattberg and on both mountains we enjoyed the typical mountain hut food and awesome trails – ok, time for the photos (made by Hannes and Babsi)

New riders

The dirtarea near my living place is the playground for Michi and me, but yesterday two new riders joined the club and they were awesome. No chance for me to do such a cool riding.

If you are interested – have a look at Joannas and Jeremias riding (on the bike and the LikeABike). Small tip: Joanna is 7,5 now and Jermia 3,75…

Air + Balance = Big FUN

What a weekend – 6 different locations for 4 different sports …
I have some photos of 2 activities for you (mountainbike + slackline) – photos from canyoning + municycling are missing but will be featured in my next video.

Video shooting starts …

Well, finally I started with the shooting for my new video. It will be a multi-sport video featuring the follow activities: kayak, mountainbike, municycle, snowboard, ski, snowboogie, slackline, canyoning and maybe more …

For a few first impressions click on the image ….

Mountain Bike Park Wagrain

During the week before I received an email from Toni that he got some tickets for the BikeParkWagrain. So, on saturday we packed our toys (bi- & unicycles) and drove to Wagrain. Andi (from the Bikepark) showed us the lines but after 2 rides I was just interested in the northshores with my municycle. While the others enjoy the tables, banked curves and wooden structures I challenged myself at the double black diamond northshore > just awesome !!!

So if you are interested then follow one of the three links: the first for some municycling shots, 2nd is Toni’s article at or you inform yourself about the park on the official website. – BTW, thx again Andi for the tickets :)

Time to play – with the Poison Strychnin

It was time for a new toy ‚coz my MountainBike just isn’t designed for Dirt and Streetstyle. After a little bit of surfing I found the Poison Strychnin and now Michi and I both have a Strychnin.
Until now we rode at the skateparks in Elsbethen and Grödig and of course in flat areas. The dirtjump in the Josefiau was to wet … But the weekend is coming …

PS: If you know of any cool riding area (Street, dirt or sk8park) please tell me :)


Fun with paletts and a bicycle

Due to my sore muscles from sundays up- and downhill with the MUnicycle to the Rauchenbichl I was lazy on monday. So I took my pallets (6 of them) and the other stuff I have in my garage and arranged some obstacles for … the bicycle … it would have been easier on the unicycle but bicycling is also big fun. For over an hour I practised wheelies, wheelie and speed drops, balancing on rails and so on…

Ok, time for the photos of my play time.

Having a good time in the Tessin and Piemonte

Spring came to europe and so it was time for our anual easter trip. This year Babsi, Anschi and I drove to the Tessin and the Piemonte. Besides the cappucino, the wine and the beautiful women we enjoyed some gorgeous paddling on the Verzasca, the Moesa and the Strona and 3 superb biketours. The biketours where really great besides a 1 hour portage on one trip (which had an amazing decent)….

Well, enough blabla – if you need more infos ‚coz you go to the area then send me an email – otherwise enjoy the photos.

1 and 2 wheels in southern tyrol

Thx to the national public holiday Pat, Toni and I had the opportunity to stay 5 days in southern tyrol at Maria’s place. Thanks again Maria for everything – it was awesome!!!

If you want to go on a trip to Southern Tyrol then you may want to read the hole story for some tips – otherwise you can just enjoy the photos.

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Pinzgau on wheels

Last weekend one just a perfect one: blue sky and perfect rides on our wheels.

Pat, Toni, Darko and I started on saturday with Saalbach. While Pat and Toni rode the 4-cablecar tour, Darko and I ripped the Reiterkogel Bikepark in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. I really enjoyed the playful area and had plenty rides on 1 and 2 wheels.

On sunday Pat, Toni and I rode up the Hundstein and we were rewarded with  Kaspressknödlsuppn and brilliant singletrails….

Enough blabla – just enjoy the photos from Pat and Darko

A different kind of Poker

Last Sunday I participated in a very different new kind of poker game for me. In the picture you see the poker hands all the teams got. I sure had a lot more fun that I could have at a real poker game. Teams? Poker hands? Fun? Find out more about the SIMBS Hartland Poker Mountainbike Race and read on…

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Slopestyle 2005 Weekend

After the friday muni ride with Harry the mood for the weekend was set: Mountain Times! On saturday we headed to Saalbach Hinterglemm where we met Sven for a mountain bike tour. We choose to ride to the Zwölferkogel which was a really tough (power wise) but boring tour. No hops or single trails at all … Due to the weather the Slopestyle was postphoned but at 19:00 Babsi and I had the pleasure to watch Ryan Leech on his trialbike – just amazing.

On sunday is was picture perfect wheater: Babsi and I hoped on our bikes again and rode a short biketour, then I challenged myself with the muni at the Trialparcour in Hinterglemm and at 12:30 the Slopestyle Finals 2005 started. It was just a wicked thing to see the riders dropping 8m, rushing over the wallrides and doing incredible dirtjumps (backloops, tailwhips, 360°, …). Final it was Darren Barenclaw who won the event with an astonishing ride.

Of course I shot some photos for you of the trialshow, the trialparcour and the Slopestyle

Pfingsttrip to Slovenia & Croatia

Pfingsten arrived and Babsi and I had to go on another trip. Due to some articles & guidebooks we decided to explore the rivers of Slovenia and Croatia – except the well known Soca. We started in the region of Bled, continued on to the slovenian Krka and there we had an accident that changed the hole trip: someone broke into our car.

Due to that we drove all the way to the croatian island Cres (fighting hail & snow with the heather and an always open – non-existing – window). There we found some nice mountainbiking, a very refreshing sea and a campsite that was the perfect muni-trailparcour.

Enough of the introduction – photos are just one click away or if you want to know some details ….
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Mallorca – mountainbiking on an island

8304Spring time means travel time – this year Michi, Gina and I headed to the mediterranean island Mallorca. While the villages where supertourisic we really enjoyed the mountainbiken (and municycling). High mountains (up to 1400m), lonesome beaches and dangerous dogs are just a view things you will discover there.

If you want to go there, then first have a look at the photos