Im Land der (Wolken)Berge

Wochenende wars und somit zogs uns wieder in die Ferne – diesmal in Babsi’s Heimat: s’Allgäu.

Werni’s literarischer Zirkel, die Seewanderung mit Oma, Wasseraction am NiSoSee und ein geniales 12KuchenProbiererle vom Kunsthandwerksmarkt versüßten uns die Tage

Familiencamping am Tachinger See

Letztes Wochenende war wieder campen angesagt. Michi, Gina & Paul sowie Babsi, Florian Nino & ich fuhren für 2 Tage an den Tachinger See. Mit den Bikes und den Chariotanhängern gings um den Waginger See (21km) und am nächsten Tag dann mit Inline Skates, Einrad und Chariots nach Tengling (8km).

Der Tachinger See  – der Campingplatz befindet sich direkt beim Strandbad Taching

Time to say Good-bye

After a really really long time (8-9 years) of a PostNuke powered it’s time for us to say „Goodbye PostNuke – Hello WordPress“.

We had a lot of fun with our system and we are also looking forward to our new wordpress based site. It’s already running and we will do the switch in the next days.

So if you subscribed to our RSS feed – please come back in a few days and make a resubscription to

A big thanks again for the PostNuke team for the last years and we wish you the best with your new system Zikula

Manfred & Werner

Frühsommer mit Florian Nino

Mittlerweile ist unser kleiner Schnurps schon auf volle 62cm und 6200g gewachsen, hat seinen 1. Campingtrip zum Schwarzensee hinter sich und genießt das Leben in vollen Zügen. Wie immer gibts natuerlich viele Fotos für euch…

PS-english speaking world: Sorry, but due to our highly advanced web analytic tool called BiologicalAdvancedBilingualSystemIntelligence 1.0 I continue to write some posts (mostly family related) in german – but you can still enjoy the photos

Growing and Growing

You won’t believe it but Florian Nino is already 8 weeks old and he is growing and growing, loves to play with us and smiles a lot. We just love him and when you look at the photos you will understand it …

Update: Babsi war grad beim Arzt … 59cm und 5kg !!!

I’m back

After 11 days at the hospital we are back … and therefore we tried our superdupermega present from Oma – our Charriot CX2 – on a skating & unicycling session. Just look at the images to get an idea of what we are doing!. Ah and yesterday we rode all the way from our flat to Urstein and back (roughly 8km) with the Unicycle-Charriot combi …

Tobias aka Lightning

After two weeks of teasing his mum “I am coming now, no I am not” Tobias finally decided to make an appearance – Here I am! And what an appearance it was.
Just seven minutes after arriving at the maternity ward, Tobias greeted his shocked and surprised parents with a loud cry. Manfred and I looked at each other as I held Tobias in my arms for the first time with the expression of “Did we just have a baby?!”.
Everything we learned about signs of labour and the stages of birth went out the window with our little lightning. But I, for one, am very thankful for the quick birth and even more thankful that we made it to the hospital just as his head was crowning.
Manfred and I are the happiest parents in the world to be blessed with three beautiful and healthy boys. Our family feels totally complete and blissful now and we look forward to all the adventures life has installed for the five of us.
Oh and of course we got a bunch of photos of Tobias first few days for you all to enjoy as well…

Hurra – der kleine Florian Nino ist da

Seit meiner Geburt am 4.3.2009 halte ich Mama & Papa (aka Babsi & Werner) schön auf Trab. Wickeln, Füttern, Kuscheln und Schlafen sind so meine Hauptaktivitäten aber zusätzlich lern ich jeden Tag auch noch was Neues – zB Füße ausstrecken, Fingeryoga, …. Dazwischen nehm ich mir auch noch öfter Zeit um Freunde zu treffen und so hab ich jetzt schon die ersten 2 Wochen hinter mir und Dank dem KlickKlick von Werner’s Kamera gibts davon auch schon ganz viele Fotos.

And for the english speaking world: we proudly present our son Florian Nino – made by Babsi & Werner so just enjoy the photos from the last 2 weeks

Waiting time …

Perfect weather – a knee kaputt-I-cus and our annual pass for the Zoo resulted in a photosafari on saturday and a family trip on sunday to the animals of Hellbrunn

Btw, if you are living near Salzburg – think about the annual pass. After 3 visits you are already even (I’m already in the plus state – saturday/sunday were my 3rd and 4th visit in 2009)


3 – 2 – 1 – Zipfl Go

Everthing started on the 1st January 2009 – our first New Year Bigair Contest (NYBC) took place in Gaissau with Zipflbobs, Airboards, Snowboogieboards and more … due to the big success we upgraded our collection of toys with a Zipflbob …

And today – on the 3kings of whatever public holiday – Harry and I did our first backcountry Zipflbob tour. We started with our snowshoes and after ca. 800m altitude difference we arrived at the top of the Taghaube (near Mühlbach). Helmets, ski goggles and handgloves on and off we zipfl’d! The first meters were really scary but soon we got used to our racing machines and we rode the natural halfpipe of the Taghaube.  Just click on the image for some photos.

Some tips for Zipfl.backcountryrider: use a helmet and ski goggles, attach a safety leach between the Zipflbob and your leg/hand and finally: add a anti-slip pad to your Zipflbob ….