Hurra – der kleine Florian Nino ist da

Seit meiner Geburt am 4.3.2009 halte ich Mama & Papa (aka Babsi & Werner) schön auf Trab. Wickeln, Füttern, Kuscheln und Schlafen sind so meine Hauptaktivitäten aber zusätzlich lern ich jeden Tag auch noch was Neues – zB Füße ausstrecken, Fingeryoga, …. Dazwischen nehm ich mir auch noch öfter Zeit um Freunde zu treffen und so hab ich jetzt schon die ersten 2 Wochen hinter mir und Dank dem KlickKlick von Werner’s Kamera gibts davon auch schon ganz viele Fotos.

And for the english speaking world: we proudly present our son Florian Nino – made by Babsi & Werner so just enjoy the photos from the last 2 weeks

Waiting time …

Perfect weather – a knee kaputt-I-cus and our annual pass for the Zoo resulted in a photosafari on saturday and a family trip on sunday to the animals of Hellbrunn

Btw, if you are living near Salzburg – think about the annual pass. After 3 visits you are already even (I’m already in the plus state – saturday/sunday were my 3rd and 4th visit in 2009)


3 – 2 – 1 – Zipfl Go

Everthing started on the 1st January 2009 – our first New Year Bigair Contest (NYBC) took place in Gaissau with Zipflbobs, Airboards, Snowboogieboards and more … due to the big success we upgraded our collection of toys with a Zipflbob …

And today – on the 3kings of whatever public holiday – Harry and I did our first backcountry Zipflbob tour. We started with our snowshoes and after ca. 800m altitude difference we arrived at the top of the Taghaube (near Mühlbach). Helmets, ski goggles and handgloves on and off we zipfl’d! The first meters were really scary but soon we got used to our racing machines and we rode the natural halfpipe of the Taghaube.  Just click on the image for some photos.

Some tips for Zipfl.backcountryrider: use a helmet and ski goggles, attach a safety leach between the Zipflbob and your leg/hand and finally: add a anti-slip pad to your Zipflbob ….


Salzburg is green, but the mountains are white. Therefore we hop into the car and chase the snow :)

Just click on the image to discover some shots from Rossfeld, Taghaube and Schlenken.

Kris Holm Einrad GESTOHLEN — MISSING: Kris Holm Unicycle

Der 27. Dezember war ein trauriger Tag für Harry: sein schwarzes Kris Holm 24 Zoll mit der Magura HS 33 sowie dem Wildlife Leopard 24×3.0 Reifen (2004er Modell) wurde in Salzburg gestohlen. Falls ihr irgend etwas erfahren solltet oder falls euch wer ein günstiges 24er Kris Holm Einrad anbietet dann meldet euch bitte bei

The 27th of December was a sad day for Harry: his black Kris Holm 24 with a Magura HS 33 break and the Wildlife Leopard 24×3.0 tire (bought in 2004) was stolen in Salzburg!!! If you know something about it or if someone offers you the unicycle please contact us at

First impressions of my new lens: the Tamron AF18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 VC (Vibration Compensation) Di II LD

After a long time thinking about a new „all-in-one“ lens I finally ordered my new Tamron 18-270mm at When the lens arrived I made some low light photos at our place and a quick photo-safari to Hellbrunn….

Until now I’m really happy with the lens and I uploaded some resized and resampled images (up to 2000px wide and 75%jpgs) to the gallery and you can download some untouched images (16mb) straight from my EOS 350d…

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New lines in town …

It’s amazing. I ride my unicycles since 5 years now and still I find new obstacles right in my neighbourhood …

As you can see, I’m particulary interested in skinny lines …. and I’m already curious what else I will discover!

35 – but still …

… not getting serious or any of this crazy ideas (ties, etc). No, to celebrate my 35th birthday Babsi, Zwutschgerl, Mum & I went for a 4-day trip to the Lago di Garda.

Besides eating, celebrating and Chocolata calda I did the Tremalzo tour (Torbole – Ponale – Pregasina – Tremalzo – Lago di Ledro – Torbole), solved all the obstacles of the Sentiero 601 and ripped the Kohlern ride in Bozen on the way back home. And I enjoyed a yummie birthday cake and plenty of italien dishes..

Pretty ok for an old bastard, who is still just a small boy ;)


3some time in the Dolomites

Winter is slowly coming nearer and nearer so the three of us decided that it was time for a 5day shorttrip. After a tiny bit of planing we came up with the Fanes region in the Dolomites.

At the Munt de Fanes (in the Rifugio Lavarella) we enjoyed some time of hiking, municycling and mountain yoga/gymnastics/being silly ….
The Col Bechei and especially the descent from the Rif. Lavarella to the Pederü turned out to be fantastic municycling rides – I was really stocked.

After that we circumnavigated the Pragser Wildsee and it was over and out again… back to Salzburg and the preparation of the photos for you …

The big descent in Fiss & Livigno

3 friends, a perfect weatherforecast and two bikedestinations … that’s the perfect ingredients for 4 awesome bikedays. Toni, Pat and I ripped the trails of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis & Livigno.

The highlight of the Serfaus region is definitly the trail from the Frommes Kreuz with rocky singletrails, banked curves in the forest and just pure fun.

In Livigno we were disappointed from the Carosello 3000 (and the eye-opener trail plus the new super trail of the Freeride magazine … they definitly overhyped it, or …. !!! That’s just not what you should do as a magazine) but the Montolino bikepark was just pure fun. Banked curves, fun singletrails, a few northshore obstacles (which are too easy, but still fun) and the natural trails near Camanel made us smile for the hole day…

Ok, enough of my blabla – it’s phototime again …

Our first roadtrip in the MoMo²

After the pain of finding a car Babsi and I finally found our MoMo² – a Toyota Hiace! During the last week we had the chance to go on our first roadtrip. We met Riki, Bernhard & Maxl in eastern tyrol for some whitewaterkayaking on the Drau & Isel and afterwards we hiked to the Karlsbader Hütte and I made a municycle descend.

Then we moved on to the Soca valley where I finally got a good boat again: the Riot Flair 57 (I never liked the Project52 – to unprecise/roundish for my liking). After some paddling & a trip to the bikepark on the Kanin we had to return home …

As always we shot some photos …

Trail surfing on the flowy, giga trails of the Vinschgau

Thanks to an article in a bike magazin Babsi and I ended for a week of biking in Tarsch/Vinschgau/Southern Tyrol. We stayed at the lovely Pension Sachsalber
and thanks to Roman and his free GPS we enjoyed 6 perfect tours – thanks again!

The region around Tarsch itself is just a singletrail paradise with flow on every trail – when you are there just head for the Tarscher Alm and the combination of Path 9/4b/4 or ride up to the Freiberger Alm and continue to the Marzoner Alm. From the follow the trails Nr. 19 & 21. And of course don’t forget the uphill to St. Martin and the descent from the Platzair and the Annaberger Böden …

Allright, enough blabla, here are the photos…