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Hucking at Mt. Tzouhalem

11999Man – I’m stoked! Today Manfred and I drove to Duncan/Mt. Tzouhalem for another mountain biking fun. After the ascent we found our first obstacles but then near the top it happend. There is a perfect obstacle with a drop around chest height and thanks to Manfreds Stinky I dared to drop it on the 3rd attempt. After that I was keen to do more drops and we found some more as you can see on the photos and tomorrow I go to Vancouver on the Northshore for another bike and drop session … ride on!

Time to play for three little Mosabuam

Wow – it feels good to play with Lukas, my little nephew or to go biking with my big brother Manfred. Not to forget the time I spend with Nikolas or Yen. Allright, no more words just some photos from the poolsession and from mountainbiking

Morocco – the land of many contrasts

Another winter (not really this year..) – another trip – another continent. This year Babsi and I headed to Morocco for our first african experience. The land is full of contrasts: Mountains, plains, valleys and the sahara. Snow and the heat in the desert. Woman from western style to completly hidden under the veil and cloth. Smells from wow to …

To give you an idea just look at the photos or you may read the hole story …

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Monobicicletta Sardegna

I thought that a little bit of sun and sea is a good idea before winter starts. Therefore my municycle, my sleepingback and I hoped onto a plane and flew to Sardinia.

There I covered the distance from Cala Gonole to Santa Maria Navaresse (ca 45km) on the unicycle and on foot. The first day was tough riding and lots of hiking. The second day was 700m attitude uphill on concrete and the third day was an awesome offrode ride from Baunei to Santa Maria. After the riding I relaxed for 1,5 day on the beach with 30°, sunshine and the emerald sea (with 22°) and after that I had to return to Olbia and later to white Salzburg …

If you are interested in this beautiful island – just enjoy the photos.

Hej Saarijärvi Anmasser & Suomi

Time has gone by and Babsi and I were in need for another trip. In search for a destination the parental leave of Anschi and Elena turned out to be perfect: our destination was Finland.

If this is enough information for then just watch the photos, otherwise there is more to read :)

On our trip we had several highlights:

The wonderful residence Anmasser on the Saarijärvi

Anschi, Elena and Mika have an awesome Mökki (a finish hut) on the lake Saarijärvi (which means Island-lake) and we spend some beautiful days there. Relaxing in the sun, canoeing, sauna and eating blueberries was our program there – and not to forget: enjoying the time with the three Anmassers :)

The awesome multiday Hike & Municycle tour on the Karhunkierros trail

One of the most famous multiday hikes is the Karhunkierros – often also called the Bear trail. We didn’t understand why they didn’t call it the Berry trail. Especially Babsi because she had to stop every 10 meters – otherwise she would have missed a blueberry. Additionally it was an awesome 4-day experience to hike and municycle the trail. Luckily I could ride 3 out of 4 days. Only the section where we left the small Karhunkierros trail to shorty before Ansakämppä was not rideable with the backpack – that means that I pushed and carried my municycle for the full 2nd day …
After the days of hiking and riding we always looked forward to our sleeping place. After the preparation of the firewood and the fire we enjoyed our daily pasta-in-the-wilderness dinner and we never wanted to zap to another channel ;).

The Municycling on the Rukatunturi

Anschi told me about the Rukatunturi and the downhill course so I was curious to ride it. The course turned out to be superfun and I rode the trail 3 times and it’s completly rideable. Besides that Ruka offers a summer sledge which turned out to be really fun – except for my butt-breaking in one curve….


Saunas are finish! In every house you find a sauna and of course we enjoyed them. The fun begins with heating up the sauna and the water with birch-wood. Then, after some time, you hop into the sauna and enjoy the heat and the birch branches ritual (boys, you know what we mean …). One import thing in Finland: no mixed sauna except for couples …. and austrians …

The finish language

The language is definitly – hhmm – let’s say interesting. No chances to recognise some words – it’s just completly different from german or english. Additionally words are incredible long and often contain one letter in uncountable amounts (we found one word with 6 ä)

But we tried to understand some words (no guarantee for correct meanings or spelling):

Finish English
Kiitos Thank you
Hey Hi
Hey hey Bye
Joo Yes
Nej No
lentosema Airport
Saarijärvi Lake with an island
Mökki A very relaxing finish cottage
Karhu Bear
Can be combined with a name for small or grown ups or even dancing bears ;)
iiso poika Soooooo big
Mika ääisa That must be some kind of encouragement for Mika (the son of Anschi and Elena) – similar to “Super mika – go for it”

SEAsia Part 3:Thailand – a paradies for shop-O-holics & food-O-holics

From Cambodia it took as one day on the road to arrive in the southeastern corner of Thailand in the nice town of Trat. A relaxing day there was followed by Koh Chang, Thailands 2nd biggest island. After a few days at the Whitesand Beach (and a cooking course) we took a boat to a smaller island – Koh Kham, the Kitsch-island itself ….

Koh Kham was followed by another stay at Koh Chang and then we took the bus to Bangkok. A paradies for shoppers at places like the weekend market, the MBK-shopping center and many others. Our luggage went up from 3 backpacks (ca. 25kg) to 6 backpacks with 50kg …. Besides the shopping we enjoyed the spectacular Royal Palace and the Wats (=temples) and of course … the thai food!!!

Well, that’s it from our trip – now have a look at the Thailand photos


SEAsia Part 2:Cambodia – the big divide

After some perfect days we left Vietnam on the Mekong and arrived in Cambodia. Our fist stop was Phnom Phen, where we were shocked by the big gap between the few ultra rich and the poor people of Cambodia plus the corruption going on. It also felt weird that every house, restaurant, .. is behind big walls, barbwire and with security persons around.

Well, after seeing the sights of Phnom Phen we moved on to Sihanoukville (a ‘nothing special’ beach village) and then to Siam Reap. From this nice little town we explored the temples of Ankor on bicycles until we were completly templed out and we moved on to Thailand.

Ok, enough writing – check out some of the photos

SEAsia Part 1: Vietnam – living the Hobbit-way

5513Our trip started in Saigon and after a few hours we adopted to the vietnamese behavior of ‘snacking through the day’ – just like the hobbits in middleearth. Our record were 8 food/cafe stops in one day … Besides the food (which is amazing) we enjoy the open-hearted and superfriendly vietnamese people and the beautiful landscape.
Ok, enough writing – check out some of the photos

Impressions from Down Under

After moving to Canada over two years ago and Lukas’ birth in September it was time for us to go back to Melbourne for a visit. We headed down south east and after a long travel Yen and Manfred were back in the big city. And Lukas was in Australia for his first time although not even 3 months old. We enjoyed visiting friends and family and touring up north to the New South Wales coast and New England. Check out some of our photos to find out more.

Mallorca – mountainbiking on an island

8304Spring time means travel time – this year Michi, Gina and I headed to the mediterranean island Mallorca. While the villages where supertourisic we really enjoyed the mountainbiken (and municycling). High mountains (up to 1400m), lonesome beaches and dangerous dogs are just a view things you will discover there.

If you want to go there, then first have a look at the photos

Costa Rica – a natural wonderland

5189Winter arrived in Salzburg – so Babsi & I were in search for some warm sunshine. This time our destination was Costa Rica – due to the rivers and the amazing wildlife. During our 4 weeks we fell in love with that beautiful country and its people, the Ticos, who were just super friendly. Read on for some of our highlights:

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Tere, Tallinn – Estland/Eesti

Thanks to Miles&More Babsi and I thought about an autuum trip – Ireland, Spain and the Baltics where the favourite canditates. Finally we settled on Tallinn – the capital of Estland. During our time there we explored Tallinn with its amazing medival buildings, the Kohvik (Cafes) and the modern town. The city itself was also an amazing municycle terrain.

Addionally we drove to the Lahemaa Nationalpark. Beautiful mushroom woods, bogs and the sea – everything the nature lover needs for a perfect day. Except the signs of lynx, bears and moose and the tree, which made us a little bit nervous. Ok – enough – I hope you want to see the pictures.


Vancouver Island

It was again time to travel and due to the fact that Manfred and Yen moved to Vancouver Island / Canada I knew where to go …

NEW: I have been in the area of Port Renfrew for some beach and rainforest explorations and thxs to Josh I have a seakayak for a few days …
NEW Again: Hartland MountainbikePix are online


I spent the last three days in Amsterdam, where I visited the IBC 2003 and enjoyed the city.

Super yummie food, really nice people, brilliant weather and Amsterdam itself – all this ingredients gave me some really relaxing days up there.

Monstar in Salzburg

After travelling the half globe, Monstar finally arrived in Salzburg. After a little bit of culture and mountainbiking we visited the Eisriesenwelt – the worlds largest ice cave today.

New day – new discoveries: we enjoyed the view from the Untersberg (the mountain of Salzburg), the little creek Almbachklamm and the magical forest and the Hintersee at Ramsau.

A rainy sunday … after relaxing and some phonecalls to Oz we drove the the Königsee – a lake a in beautiful alpine setting..

On the last day of Mon’s stay in Salzburg we drove to the Krimmler Waterfalls – a series of waterfalls ranging from 20 to 60m in height.

And after this lovely day, Mon had to leave ‘coz there are more places for her to be discovered.

CU hopefully soon Mon’n’Jon