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Was erleben wir so alles mit unseren Burschen? Hier gibts ein paar Einblicke …

Growing and Growing

You won’t believe it but Florian Nino is already 8 weeks old and he is growing and growing, loves to play with us and smiles a lot. We just love him and when you look at the photos you will understand it …

Update: Babsi war grad beim Arzt … 59cm und 5kg !!!

I’m back

After 11 days at the hospital we are back … and therefore we tried our superdupermega present from Oma – our Charriot CX2 – on a skating & unicycling session. Just look at the images to get an idea of what we are doing!. Ah and yesterday we rode all the way from our flat to Urstein and back (roughly 8km) with the Unicycle-Charriot combi …

Tobias aka Lightning

After two weeks of teasing his mum “I am coming now, no I am not” Tobias finally decided to make an appearance – Here I am! And what an appearance it was.
Just seven minutes after arriving at the maternity ward, Tobias greeted his shocked and surprised parents with a loud cry. Manfred and I looked at each other as I held Tobias in my arms for the first time with the expression of “Did we just have a baby?!”.
Everything we learned about signs of labour and the stages of birth went out the window with our little lightning. But I, for one, am very thankful for the quick birth and even more thankful that we made it to the hospital just as his head was crowning.
Manfred and I are the happiest parents in the world to be blessed with three beautiful and healthy boys. Our family feels totally complete and blissful now and we look forward to all the adventures life has installed for the five of us.
Oh and of course we got a bunch of photos of Tobias first few days for you all to enjoy as well…

Ich schlafe nicht immer!

Nachdem ein paar Leute meinten, dass ich den ganzen Tag nur schlafe hab ich mich mal richtig angestregt und mit Werner ein Bin-Munter-Fotoshooting gemacht!

Hurra – der kleine Florian Nino ist da

Seit meiner Geburt am 4.3.2009 halte ich Mama & Papa (aka Babsi & Werner) schön auf Trab. Wickeln, Füttern, Kuscheln und Schlafen sind so meine Hauptaktivitäten aber zusätzlich lern ich jeden Tag auch noch was Neues – zB Füße ausstrecken, Fingeryoga, …. Dazwischen nehm ich mir auch noch öfter Zeit um Freunde zu treffen und so hab ich jetzt schon die ersten 2 Wochen hinter mir und Dank dem KlickKlick von Werner’s Kamera gibts davon auch schon ganz viele Fotos.

And for the english speaking world: we proudly present our son Florian Nino – made by Babsi & Werner so just enjoy the photos from the last 2 weeks

Awesome Foursome in 2008

So somehow we managed not to put any photos on the site over the whole year of 2008 and it is now already February 2009. We certainly have not been lazy however and done a whole lot. Since we are also going to be five in our little family here in Canada very soon, we are putting a whole bunch of photos up to show you a bit what we have been up to.


3some time in the Dolomites

Winter is slowly coming nearer and nearer so the three of us decided that it was time for a 5day shorttrip. After a tiny bit of planing we came up with the Fanes region in the Dolomites.

At the Munt de Fanes (in the Rifugio Lavarella) we enjoyed some time of hiking, municycling and mountain yoga/gymnastics/being silly ….
The Col Bechei and especially the descent from the Rif. Lavarella to the Pederü turned out to be fantastic municycling rides – I was really stocked.

After that we circumnavigated the Pragser Wildsee and it was over and out again… back to Salzburg and the preparation of the photos for you …

Bye bye MoMo

After 9 awesome years and 350.000km it was finally time to say good bye to our MoMo (= Moser Mobil > our Toyota Hiace). During the time together we had so many brilliant trips and MoMo really was like a friend to me. Here is a small selection of some photos.


Truly a dad

What can I say – I love this dad thing. Lukas has been a more amazing son than I could have ever wished for and now things are changing for us again. A couple of days ago Nikolas was born and joined our family.

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We are 3 now – Variation 2

Since some time we are 3 unicycles in Werner’s garage – the smallest is the oldest – the biggest the youngest….
If you want to know a little bit about us then study the whole article.
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Lots of snow in Big White

It is already nearly two weeks ago that we got back from our winter trip. This year we went to Big White in the interior of BC and since it was three of us the first time we had to drive up ourselves. Not a problem though. 4WD and new tires… ready to roll. Check out some of the photos we took or read on for more impressions.

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Proud to be dad


Wow. What an amazing experience! And time flies by even faster than it
used to. Unbelievable that it is already over 6 weeks ago that our son Lukas
was born and brought such light into our lives. Check out some of the photos we have been taking. Isn’t he awesome!

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Cameraplays with the Muni

Uni on the wallAfter three month of unicycling we started to think about a video – you can see our first tries with cameraangles, the Munis itself, stairs and so on for the upcoming video (which will be called Tracks – released to be … hhhmmmm … rather soon …

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Snowboarding in British Columbia – Sun Peaks

6039Our first winter in British Columbia is well under way. We had snow in town and went for a sledging session with our boogie board on the nearby golf course. And we went snowboarding up island to Mt. Washington. After mountain biking there in summer we were certainly curious. Up there the first time on the first of January this year we had a ball. Fresh snow and lots of rides and no people around. Supposedly it was a busy day for the resort, but compared to what I have seen in Europe the place was empty. And that was all just the beginning. Last week we went for a five day snowboaring trip to the interior. Read on to find out more and don’t forget to check out the photos..

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Mushroom Experience

5915At the beginning of November we went for a stroll in the woods.With the organisers from Rainforest Expeditions and a group of people we went for a bush bashing session in the forest around Cowichan. We had a great time snooping around in the ferns, under logs and around the next tree. As you can see in the gallery we found lots of beautiful mushrooms. And with a bit of luck we even found the very delicious Chantrelle mushrooms. We certainly enjoyed them for dinner in
the evening ;-)