Vancouver Island

It was again time to travel and due to the fact that Manfred and Yen moved to Vancouver Island / Canada I knew where to go …

NEW: I have been in the area of Port Renfrew for some beach and rainforest explorations and thxs to Josh I have a seakayak for a few days …
NEW Again: Hartland MountainbikePix are online

Vancouver Island Paddling [VI-Paddling] Mailing List now online!

Finally we are live. The Vancouver Island Paddling mailing list is on the internet. Everybody interested in discussing white water paddling related issues with fellow paddlers is welcome to join the list. We aim to be a forum for everybody interested in getting his paddle wet, be it in a canoe or kayak, in the surf or down a waterfall. Do you wanna sell some stuff and reach paddlers on the island? Or do you wanna hook up with some locals? Or you needed the latest news from the rivers out there? Read on and join us now!!!

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I spent the last three days in Amsterdam, where I visited the IBC 2003 and enjoyed the city.

Super yummie food, really nice people, brilliant weather and Amsterdam itself – all this ingredients gave me some really relaxing days up there.

Monstar in Salzburg

After travelling the half globe, Monstar finally arrived in Salzburg. After a little bit of culture and mountainbiking we visited the Eisriesenwelt – the worlds largest ice cave today.

New day – new discoveries: we enjoyed the view from the Untersberg (the mountain of Salzburg), the little creek Almbachklamm and the magical forest and the Hintersee at Ramsau.

A rainy sunday … after relaxing and some phonecalls to Oz we drove the the Königsee – a lake a in beautiful alpine setting..

On the last day of Mon’s stay in Salzburg we drove to the Krimmler Waterfalls – a series of waterfalls ranging from 20 to 60m in height.

And after this lovely day, Mon had to leave ‚coz there are more places for her to be discovered.

CU hopefully soon Mon’n’Jon


MTB: Hundstein

1300m altitude – half on a paved road and half on a gravel road. Endless blueberries and raspberries and a long funtrail back to the car … that’s the ingredients of the Hundstein Tour.

Starting point is at the firebrigade in Thumersbach/Pinzgau/Salzburg. You just follow the road to the Hundstein (marked with MTB.Signs). After you reached the peak, don’t forget to order one (or two) of the yummie Kaspressknödl (cheese dumplings). With this new power you are ready for the downhill. It’s simple you came from the path from top.left and when you take the path to the top.right of the picture it leads you directly to the trail …

enjoy and have a look at the pix (All pix by Anschi)

PHProjekt Public Calendar System v20030724 released

It has been in use in production for more than a year now and I finally found the time to properly package
the PHProjekt Public Calendar System for others to enjoy. PHProjekt is a mature, powerful web based groupware solution facilitating a PHP environment. It has an
active development and user community. The whole groupware requires access via login for any users. Within the calendar component of the groupware public events can be created. And this is where the PPCS comes in handy…

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Mutti's recipe: Austrian Tray Fruit Cake

A plum and apricot ready to go

I grew up with all sorts of variations of this delicious cake and nowadays I tend to make it myself regularly – especially when we have guests, who often end up asking for the recipe. I like it best hot and fresh out of the oven with a cold glass of milk, but of course you can enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee after it cooled down as well. So here you go …

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New Gallery: Canada’s wild animals.

We have been here in Victoria for a bit more than two months now and we have seen many animals here we never saw before. Check out some of them in the new gallery, stay tuned for more additions and read on to find out what we already saw, but couldn’t get a photo yet…

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Goldstream Park

Yen at the start of the track ...where next?

Very near Victoria along the highway up island is a small gem of a park worth a visit. We went there a few weeks ago and hiked all the way through from the south up to the estuary of the Goldstream river and back along the hill side.

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Our new home – Victoria


It has been an adventurous time for Yen and myself recently. After leaving Melbourne, Australia and visiting my hometown Salzburg in Austria to visit my family and friends and some fun time there, we have now been here in Canada for nearly two months and experienced a lot already…

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Tour d’Italy

Everything began on a typical thursday at 5 something in the morning … Babsi picked me up and I started to drive south while Babsi enjoying one of those relaxing car nappies. But finally we arrived in italy for our first cappucino … if you want to know more about this trip of mishappenings and cool adventures then just read more. If you are one of those „visual“ persons – there is a Venice gallery and a gallery with lots of mountainbike and canyoning pictures from the Lago de Gardo

1. Venice (Thursday)

A loooonnnngg day in venice, where we lost lots of water due to the
tropical temperatures. Besides from that, we enjoyed the pavillions of
the Biennale (especially the Danemark). Just see the pictures for an impression
of the day. At 22:00 we left Venice and drove to the south side of the
Lago di Garda.

2. Nago

After an early wake up we drove north, enjoyed a lovely breakfast and
just had a good time. Finally we arrived at Torbole where we met Michi
and Gina. As the sun set, we hoped on our mountainbikes and drove up to
the valley of St.Lucia and further on to Nago – nice trip …

3. Pasubio – Mishappening No. 1

We planned to bike the Pasubio, so we left Torbole and enjoyed the traffic
jam to Roveretto. Then we drove to the Pasubio parking lot, where we were
informed that the trail is closed … we tried another path up the Pasubio
and again it was closed. So we cycled to another path where I had a hole
in my tube … (No. 1). Finally we just rode on the street down to Roveretto
– what a day ….

4. Piazzole – another day, another hole …

Babsi, Michi and I left to Riva, where we wanted to bike the old road
but we ended at a metal gate …. so we drove back to Torbole, where Babsi
left us and Michi and I cycled all the 900m up to the start of the Piazzole
trail. There we seperated. Michi took the forest road and I went for the
singletrail. The first 100-200m altimeter were fine, but then … I smelled
the compressed air …. another hole … and nothing to repair it – Michi
had the stuff … So finally I ended up carrying my bike for 600 altimeter
down and really cool challenging trail ….
When we came back to the campsite, Michi and Gina left and I was alone

5. Sentiero del Pace – again …

Morning was relaxing, reading and bikestuffshopping and then Britta arrived
and at 18:00 we left for the Sentiero del Pace. A really cool singletrail
with another hole and a broken valve … but luckily Britta had another
tube so I could finish the trail …

6. Torrente Palvico

The 2nd day of the USI trip (the first was just a short biketrip) and
it led us to the lovely Torrente Palvico with an amazing 50m abseiling

7. MTB Tour in the south of the lake

1400 altimeter and a nice singletrail in brilliant surroundings – that’s
how it should be at how it was

8. Torrente Albola

Another canyon and the Albola has more water so it was more aquatic –
and refreshing ;)

9. Torrente Viona

Fun canyoning – that’s how you can describe this little canyon. Jumps,
slides and abseils and lots of it :)
10. Kohlern Trial in Bozen

The last day of the trip … we drove to Bozen, paid for the cableway
and then we had 800 altimeter of really cool singletrails for us. Definitly
worth the trip

Well, that was the trip d’Italy – CU soon (maybe next monday)

Low-water Soca results in highwater Isel

Another public holiday – another trip. This time Babsi, Thomas, Michi and I headed south. At the Soca we met Nadine, Ben, Andrew and Christoph and we paddled the Soca for two days. But due to the low water we moved on to Osttirol for some wavetrains on the Isel – but just see for yourself